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TMI Tuesday ~Tickle my funny Bone~

Thanks to A Tale of Bi and Bi for this Week's humor focused TMI Tuesday questions

1.  Have you ever laughed during sex?  Tell us about it.

yes I have.
My x and I were having sex and i decided to bring my legs all the way back and wrap them on the metal head-board we foot got stuck, the more I screamed (of pain) the harder my xhubby would pound me thinking he was doing a great job, when I was able to get my foot out we laughed so hard we almost came on each other...again!

2.  How important is a sense of humor to you?

I have a sense of humor, big time, my man must have one too!

3.  Have you ever thought something was funny when your lover did not?  Tell what it was....

Not really, as far as I know it was all fun and games when it needed to be...and when funny things happened we were both able to laugh about it.

4.  Are pranks funny?  Have you ever fallen victim to a prank?  Tell us what happened.

some pranks are funny!
my X-husband loved to take a cup of ice cold water and …

Can you smell my ass please?

We had a sister get together Wednesday and as usual we discuss the female hygiene, new products, and natural products used to keep us clean, refreshed, and tight.
Most Dominican women are obsessed with their pussy!
As soon as we are off diapers we are taught to never leave the house without washing our private and never go to bed without taking a shower or washing our private, female hygiene is very important.
They train us on how to do it "properly" as the older ladies used to say, how to wash our ass, how to wash our vagina, wash our underwear by hand, use our underwear to scrub ourselves properly, it was a process, but what can I say, it was the old way and we had to obey.
Back to Wednesday...
One of my sisters is very raw (the 4th one), she tells it like it is, no sugar coating it ro try to make it sound a bit more classy, ya know. 
She went away this weekend to meet up with an old flame and she bought tons of cans of pineapple juice so her own juices will be sweet and…

The new office

It has been fun, the days are going fast, the week is going slow, does it make any sense?

Exhausted from all the walking, it is a big building after all and at the moment I don't have a computer in the lab or my classroom, I have to walk all the way to the other side of the building to my cubicle if I have to use it.

I am so proud of my new space!!

Still have a few things to do to set up my cubicle, doing some Feng Shui to bring some positive vibe in here.

What a huge difference in attitude a new building makes.
I feel like a professional now for real real, before it was very getto, we worked from a warehouse, at least it looked and felt like it.

Even though we are in this type of atmosphere some people are just not meant to be here, they are just full of negativity and oh my such bad is great!!

Wishing everyone a great hump day!

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~Who's Counting anyways?

oh boy!!
talk about putting our dirty laundry out there!! lmao
but who is counting right?? or who is reading this blog??

Thank you Sweetendirty for this week's fun questions!!

Be kind and take a moment to visit and comment/or not on the blog's of people who so kindly provide us with TMI Tuesday fun...
just for the record, I visit everyone but I don't comment on most, still working my way up from lurker to commentaror!! LOL

1.  Do you/have you ever kept track of the number or people you have been with?

yah!! of course

2.  To get specific, How many people have you.....

slept with - Not enough
kissed (in a romantic way, obviously) - working my way up!
given oral to - I am picky what or who I put in my mouth, not so many!!
received oral from - more than what I have given oral to that's for sure

3.  What is the most amount of people you have been with at one time?  (twosome, threesome, foursome, etc) I have to answer??
it was a foursome (women only)
was one of the…

Week 20 ~Good Changes~

Tomorrow is a new beginning for the company I work for, they bought a beautiful building :) and I have an awesome lab an a great classroom!  I feel so proud!!

All week was spent packing and getting ready for the move, no time to play, no time to do a thing!  No social life.

I did manage to have an amazing weekend.

Saturday morning accomplished much, had breakfast at a nice diner, went to the mechanic, went to work and was told to put that as overtime yaaay!!! I accomplished so much, and while there will be people unpacking and having so much to do, I am way ahead of the game already :)

Budget - OUCH!! nuff said

this is the amazing view I woke up to, felt so good to take in that ocean air, simply amazing!  My son telling me that he wants to visit there more often was very pleasing to hear...he is a mamas' boy LOL

Tomorrow I am taking the bus to work, my legs are killing me and I have so much to carry, but I will manage.  I am so excited!!! Feels like a new beginning! :)  I do not h…

TMI Tuesday ~Mapquest to Sex~

I sure need to get myself a map, or my GPS going, heck I will need Google Earth next time I have sex!

1.  Answer Yes or No:

I regret My First Kiss - NO
I Miss My First Love - NO
I Married My First Love - NO
I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me - YES (the Dutch)

2.  Do you consider yourself monogamous or poly-amorous or some other category which you will explain or define for us now?

I would say I am monogamous when I actually have a partner...

3.  Your partner is in the mood for sex and you are tired - what do you do?

a.  Start snoring.  There is no way I'm giving it up tonight
b.  Trade.  Your give me a massage...and we will see...
c.  That would never happen!

If my man wants his pussy, he can wake me up anytime of the night, call me anytime of the day!

4.  Does your partner mind if you masturbate, in bed, when they are there?

I don't have a partner but when I did I wouldn't masturbate around him, I just don't know how an ol'fashion puertorican would handle that.…

Week 19

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful ladies!!

the count down continues, I can't believe summer is around the corner, the beach is looking fabulous even though the water is freezing!! 19 weeks have passed already, I can't believe it! Had my ups and downs but hey, live and learn, right?
Great week! slacking at work big time!!  We are moving at the end of the week, this is huge for the company, and for the staff. Everyone is almost done packing, but not me? pffft, I haven't even began, leave it up to me to start doing things at the last minute...did I mention I work best under pressure?
Had a date, still no sparks, LOL...not even getting into the subject.
Everything is going wonderful, improving day by day, doing things, staying busy.
Going out with friends here and there and did a bit of drinking, funny how I have a couple of drinks and with that I mean two, and I get a headache the next day that anyone would think I got drunk.  Could that mean that I am allergic to alcoho…

Masturbation month

How are you celebrating it?

TMI Tuesday ~Masturbation 2013~

1.  My favorite place to masturbate is?

anywhere I get the urge!
Parking lot at the super market
bathroom at work
bathroom at home when too many are around
my bedroom of course...
just a few examples!!

2.  Have you ever masturbated in public?  What were the circumstances?

I have but nobody ever realized what I was doing *grins*
the circumstance were simple, I was horny!!!!!

3.  Do you like mutual masturbation?  why?

I do but I have never done it!  I think is sexy :)

4.  When was the last time you masturbated?

This morning when I was taking a shower!! yaaay

5.  Have you ever masturbated on camera?

OMG!! I did but i recorded the moment and sent it to the Dutch *smh*

6.  Do you like to watch people masturbate?

I do, again...I think is sexy!!

Have you filmed yourself masturbating?  Care to share that film vial a link?

I never kept a copy, I know it is in my sent folder somewhere buried under 3k emails or so...!


How to play…

Week 18

Great week!
Felt very excited for all the accomplishments made.
Budgeting is a challenge, and it is depressing every other week when it is payday and the day after I am broke, but at least the important things get solved...tsk tsk.  Still it is a shame to work so hard just to get by. Meditated all week and exercised, could have worked a bit harder and is what I intent to do this week, put a bit extra effort into it.
No dates, I did had some lined up but canceled, matter of fact I have a date to get to after I finish writing this post, not very excited, feeling bloated, a bit of a headache, and I have my period...blah! Just hope I am good company this evening.
House is spotless, clothes ready for the week, let's see what it brings, I am ready to take it head on! Tires in the car are balanced, my car needs some serious TLC, I have to get it done soon, already had a warning from a state trooper, ooopsy, he was awesome lol, let me go with a verbal warning, but I did get him to smil…

My new Google phone

My phone shattered a few months ago and it took me this long to replace it.

I went phone shopping and of course I wanted the Galaxy S4 but it is a whooping $639.00 I almost dropped, so I went with my first choice a Nexus 4, powered by Google.

All I need is on my screen including my blog, updates from the blogs I read and follow as well.  I can stay better informed.

Loving the phone, loving the apps, one thing i am not liking is the battery life, but I think is because I haven't been able to put it down yet, amazing!!

Earlier I rushed to the computer because I thought I posted some pics on my Google+ by oooops need to watch that for future reference.

Having an awesome Saturday!!

Starting my morning with the gym, I want to sweat, have a great workout, and probably a tan.  I never done that, it will be nice to try once.

Sincerely Yours

Planning for the Weekend

5 de Mayo!!

Party time!

I am not going to spend this weekend at home, I am going to try my best to be out from the morning until it is time to go to bed :)
My plans are to crawl into work come Monday morning, I want to chill, I want to go out, I want to do so much that I am already getting tired just planning it!

Last year I made big plans for 5 de Mayo, unfortunately I spent the entire time inside a car going around in circles supposedly looking for "parking" and in the end we ended up doing crap!
What I learned:  never go out with certain people and keep my outing ideas to myself.

The weather is not cooperating much, although it is sunny and mid 60's we are getting a cold breeze, need to keep that in mind when I go out.

I can't wait!

So excited I can't stop smiling, and giggling, such happiness that is actually coming out of my pores!!

Lately I have been so contagious at work that when someone stands next to me they can't help but laugh :)

so wonderful!


Dear Anonymous

No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you write, no matter how much you stalk me one thing is for sure...CAN'T TOUCH THIS!

I have been through enough in my lifetime to know how to dismiss pitiful people who are not happy with their lives and feel the need to bother others.

I don't know who you are and honestly I don't care but I do know where you are from, it is just sad that you can't find someone in the Netherlands to bother and have to target someone all the way in the US...tsk tsk

I have always wondered why am I the target of your insults and what your motivation may be, perhaps you are in love with "him" and he does not give you the time of day, or probably at one time or the other you actually felt or knew how much we (him and I) loved each other, still, for whatever reason it may be I just want you to know in case you didn't that the coast is clear, I am not in the middle, in the mix, or in your way...

and just in case you are wondering...…