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Can you smell my ass please?

We had a sister get together Wednesday and as usual we discuss the female hygiene, new products, and natural products used to keep us clean, refreshed, and tight.

Most Dominican women are obsessed with their pussy!

As soon as we are off diapers we are taught to never leave the house without washing our private and never go to bed without taking a shower or washing our private, female hygiene is very important.
They train us on how to do it "properly" as the older ladies used to say, how to wash our ass, how to wash our vagina, wash our underwear by hand, use our underwear to scrub ourselves properly, it was a process, but what can I say, it was the old way and we had to obey.

Back to Wednesday...

One of my sisters is very raw (the 4th one), she tells it like it is, no sugar coating it ro try to make it sound a bit more classy, ya know. 
She went away this weekend to meet up with an old flame and she bought tons of cans of pineapple juice so her own juices will be sweet and pleasant for him when he went down... then she says "guuurl I have a light deodorant for my ass too cause he says he likes to eat ass", we all laughed off course, I never heard of that but I guess it is something that it's going around because their friends are also doing it from what I heard.  Deodorant for the ass?  Is this a new fad?
I guess this girls need some training on how to wash themselves better if you ask me.  If you feel you must put on deodorant between your ass is because you are not washing well my sister!!! And your friends as well.

H continues to talk about that scent in between the ass that develops through the day and how embarrassing it would be etc., honestly I never had to worry about that or never did before until now and it makes me wonder.  I really need to get some feed back on this from the x.

She told us her best friend was getting ready to go on a date, her friend gets on on the floor doggie style and asked H to smell her ass, excuse me?!! Say what?!
My sister actually bent over and told her she was all set....

What surprised me most is that my sister found that normal, she told us about her other friends that will wear deodorant etc., I mean, OK, my friends have asked me to smell their breath, armpits, but never their ass or vagina.  I asked her...Why can't her friend slide a finger up the crack of her ass and get a sniff of her own ass?
Just saying.

My sister turns to me and asked me if she asked me to smell her ass before she went on a date to make sure she was all set and no weird smell if I wouldn't do her that favor.....helluuur! I had to think about it....oh and she just went off on me... LoL "but I'm your sister!!!" She is just telling me how messed up I am...So I told her that in that case I probably would, to put her at ease.  But you have to admit, that is so funny!

Today the x- husband drops by and I asked him "does my butt smell?" He looked at me and cracked up laughing and responded "you never gave it enough time to get to that point, always with your little water bottle" we both laughed, of course he asked me why I was asking and I told him about what girls be doing and he was not surprised at all because it is something only women would do, we never hear of men asking other men in the bathroom if their armpits stank, or in that matter a guy asking another that if he bent over if he could please smell his butt crack to make sure it smells clean.  Would just not be natural, right?

I just can't imagine myself bending over and asking someone "can you smell my ass?".

Sincerely Yours


Sarah said…
Sister or not, I don't think I would smell another person's ass.
Ass deodorant, huh. They've thought of everything. :)
AtiyaLuv said…
I just don't think it is very natural, but funny.
I can't believe us female are going to those extremes.

Desireous said…
I'm with Sarah I'm not sniffing anyone's butt! Blech!!
Ryo Casanova said…
This is really funny, as in seriously. :D
Spanky said…
This is seriously funny! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Hahaha! I loved this.

And if you posed the question to me I would gladly smell your ass and pussy, hoping to get a taste ;-)


For the record, I don't rim most ass. I have to know you VERY VERY well and desire you and know that you have top-notch hygiene. I have rimmed one person, my ex-bf. We showered to get squeaky clean before sex and did the same after. I loved that level of cleanliness. Most men don't understand that being clean all over and preparing themselves is a form of caring and respect for their lover. Yes, and some women are dirty little pigs; it is not just men. Nothing turns the stomach more than catching a whiff of a smelly ass when giving oral of any kind.

As for receiving a rim-job, I LOVE IT! And when I go out I always make sure I am very clean. And before anything commences I wash again. Now some men like it down and dirty and just want to tear your clothes off and go at it. So be it. The most they will get is perhaps a sweet musky scent.

Like you I am meticulous about washing and I simply cannot get into bed without taking a shower.

The deodorant thing would not be for me. If someone truly likes to rim they want natural scent not some smelly fragrance. I put that in the same category as that stupid "Masque" product that is suppose to hide the smell of pussy (or genitals, I guess). If you wash, don't have a really gross diet, take care of yourself, and are not ill your natural scent should not be offensive.


P.S. Your sister sounds like a hoot!
AtiyaLuv said…
@Desirious I crack up everytime i think about it.

@Ryo Must love sister get together day, the things we discuss is way too out of the ordinary

@Spanky - so very welcome

one thing is Rimming, that is sexual and part of the play, but smelling someone elses butt as part of getting ready to go out? too funny!!!
My xhusband would not eat me out without also rimming me, it was part of the territory he used to say, and I am also an offender because I explored him all over!!!

Thank you all for coming!!

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