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Sleepover with the girls

Playing dress up last night with my niece, daughter and some friends.

It was a reminder of my younger years when we had sleepovers, the fashion shows, getting our hair, nails and feet done, putting make up on and all the fun things girls do when they get together.... we sang, danced, did some poetry, karaoke, and their old time favorite asking me about the 80's...making me feel ancient!! LOL

It was rather odd when my niece asked me about the cassette player, it was even funnier when I told her we didn't have a TV and the shows were on the radio...she still wondering how that worked.
It is always fun when she sleeps over :-)

We had to keep the conversations PG because of my niece, but what an amazing time!!!...

Sincerely Yours


oh back in the day, cassette tapes, making mixtapes while watching ALF, mixing a song from Van Halen with one from Yello with one from U2, chomping on a Twix, all for Heather, the one with the ponytail...
AtiyaLuv said…
Alf for president!!!
and trying to write the lyrics with pausing the cassette player, and rewinding it!!..
I miss those simple days!!

Sarah said…
And all this time I thought you were so much younger than me, lol.
AtiyaLuv said…
38 years old, and wearing it oh so very well.....

Anonymous said…
Oh my lord, Alf, Cassette players and all that fun. I too am 38 AtiyaLuv and the one thing I remember most is trying to record your new favorite song off the radio and cursing the DJ for talking over the beginning. That's great you are 99.5 kiss now you messed up the intro to New Kids on the Block, MC Hammer or Metallica damnit!
AtiyaLuv said…
@Thomas Aiden
at the beginning or at the end sometimes...i used to record the songs, those fun times..mmmmmmm LOL
one particular song i remember is "I need love" by LL cool J
you know how many times I had to rewind that tape?

fun days!

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