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Week 21 ~busy and adjusting ~

A new place, a new building, a new address, and even a zip code!

A new atmosphere, I feel like an executive walking into the building each day!  I feel so many great changes are coming! And I need to step it up a huge notch.

Not only I have a beautiful lab but also a gorgeous classroom, to add to all that blessing I also have a cubicle with my own extension...hehehe.
And the view, the gorgeous view to the trees, to nature, looks like a forest! and the space is to die for!

A bit too much walking is the downsize. ;-p
Felt exhausted by the end of the week but we'll worth it, I still have a few things to do this week left over from last week which is a shame but it will get done.  Too much paperwork accumulated through the years, I am making sure I get everything in order.

I am very organized at home, spent the weekend cleaning and debating whether to move or not but at the moment my option is to move so I'm looking for a new place.
This apartment hunting is crazy, rent in this state is almost as expensive as in NY! Yikes!!

Feeling extremely positive, there are many changes taking place at work and at home, good changes of course. 

Meditation is going great and hassle bot still reminds me once in a while, but how could I forget, it has kept me leveled this months, I love it.

The change I've been wanting and hoping for is coming...but I want a bit more...

I can't wait for my son to graduate high school so I can leave this area, meaning state, although I love New England there is a huge world out there waiting for me, and I am counting the days that I can take off to discover!

Hurry up child and graduate!!
3 more years and counting!

No work tomorrow and trying to do something special, whatever that may be or I feel like doing, I did so much this weekend I am feeling extremely tired, if I stay in bed all day lounging that will also be a great idea.  mmmmmmm yes, total relaxation!

Have a great day!

Sincerely Yours


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