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Eclectic Style

Went to a meeting at work today in which the dress code was the biggest issue at hand.

Of course when they said dress code I wanted to run for I have been in the office many times because in the past I've had issues about wearing a bra, mind you, I have been wearing one for about a year now to avoid the talk and of course avoiding to be written up (LOL).

a bit of office humor from my co-workers!!!

As the meeting went on, my mind of course was else where, as it has been for the last few weeks, trying to work harder at concentrating and forgetting that I have a clit between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.  The girl next to me elbows me and tells me that they are calling me, I quickly get up and head to the HR lady and thanking my lucky starts today I am actually wearing a bra and undies, (not like it matters that I have a bra on, my nipples are always hard), I am standing next to dead man walking (HR lady), when she says..."Take A here, she is very stylish, we absolutely love how she dresses and her style, she has that Eclectic Style and we are going to have her help us with our style issues"

I blinked a few times
couldn't believe what i was hearing
I consider myself a regular style person, but according to my co-workers it goes beyond that and they made a few points.

My hair is different almost every day, usually at the end of the day it will end up in a ponytail but for the most part I style my hair differently

I take different color clothes to complete and outfit and it will work perfect!

I have a thing for accessories, I know how to make them and also wear them *grins*

I enjoy style and have my own style, I don't follow any trend.

At the end of the meeting I have all this women telling me "way to go" and how they want to get together with me so I can teach them how to do their hair and put clothes together.

My pleasure ladies!

I didn't know what Eclectic meant, I had to figure it out and after I also did a google search on it!
I have been called eccentric, but never eclectic.

I am a horny, eccentric, eclectic woman this days!!

Sincerely Yours


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