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TMI Tuesday ~Food and Drink Edition~

such a pleasure...
The Late Phoenix Style
just the way I like it!

1.  what is your favorite food and drink? tell a tale of how these two came to be so special to you, we'd love to hear about it.


no big story
I come from an Island, we love seafood of all kind, my mom always cooked it and I cook it for my kids, they love it as much as I do...mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

and this is the reason why I came to love America as much as I do! I was introduced to Bacon in this country!

2.  Have you ever incorporated the two items above or any food and/or drink into your sex play, like that certain famous film with the numbers in its title?  Do tell, don't leave out any saucy details

oh boy...
once with my x-husband, he wanted to get kinky on me!! the puertorican wanted to get kinky (that was huge!!) so he went to the kitchen picked up the bottle of honey, went to the bedroom and pour it all over me, head to toes!! 
who does that!! 
do you know how sticky honey is?
bad bad idea!
he had good intentions, the sheets got stuck on me, the clothes felt they were glued to my skin, took me a few hours to wash off the sweetness of my hair and skin, I was afraid to go outside because of the bugs, I was attracting them for days
Nothing sexy about that!
other than that...

a long time ago *sighs* after sex the Dutch and I shared lunch after a few hours of awesome sex :) 
he fed me you know, giving me to try Dutch food *grins*
it was so wonderful then

3.  Do you have food/drink-related pet name for your lover?  Does your lover have one for you?  what are they?

he called me pumpkin
but other than..... 
buckling knees
squinty eyes
and little things like that, nah, no food/drink pet names

4.  Please complete this dramatic scene from a one-act play I'm working on for my local community theater

MAN:  hello
WOMAN:  hi
MAN:  do you like rain?
WOMAN:  what? rain, as in the weather rain?
MAN:  no, i meant bread, i said rain, but i meant bread, I'm nervous around pretty women.  do you like bread?
WOMAN:  um, mister, did you know that my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?
MAN:  i know, i know, i drink milkshake...
WOMAN:  Damn right, it's better than yours

5.  Garrison Keillor once said, "Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn." Do you agree or disagree?  Make and argument for one against the other.


an argument between Corn and Sex?

I can't wait to read what The Late Phoenix have to say on this one! 
If anyone can make a liable argument between corn and sex that will be Phoenix!!

I am a horny little soul given even more reasons to be horny on this day!!
*smacking my head against the desk*

You have a best friend, this person has been your best friend since kindergarten.  You are eating a bag of Cheetos on a park bench next to this friend, suddenly without warning, the friend smacks you across the face and exclaims, "give me back my Cheetos, Bitch!"  What is your immediate reaction?

My friend knowing me will probably will not do that...
My friend knows that if I get slapped like that I probably will fuck them up on spot and the eat the Cheetos while sitting on their M#$%&!ing face..

**i got heated just reading that**

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblogfrom your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
I always enjoy your TMI Tuesday posts. The bonus question answer cracked me up. I got a little jolt of anger when I read the prompt too. :)
that first pic is wonderful, the two cherries form a bleeding heart, it's such a metaphor on sex, love, and the meaning of life...and opening mouths...
AtiyaLuv said…
haha, good it wasn't only me getting heated!

*grins wide*
Glad you liked :)
John D Stories said…
Honey! I would get killed if I covered wifey with honey, not least because it is so expensive!
Anonymous said…
1. You need to get to the nearest McCormick & Schmicks and eat Shrimp Kisses: Jumbo shrimp, Pepper Jack Cheese, Crispy Bacon Wrapped, served with a bed of roasted corn salsa. OMG to die for and the salsa will make you slap your mama. (The first time I have ever used that phrase, I've always thought it was funny and really drove the point

BACON is food crack cocaine.

Do you have a Wegman's near you? Run, don't walk to Wegman's and get the Uncured, Applewood Smoked bacon. This stuff is why I like bacon, otherwise I don't really care for bacon.

2. The honey incident is unfortunate. Really, who does that?! We all know how sticky honey is.

4. I love your much 'tude :-)

5. I picked fresh sweet corn and I made a damn good argument, too.

Bonus: buwhahahahaha!

Have a great week,

AtiyaLuv said…
@John D Stories
it was way too sticky for me!!

1. lmaaaao, is like feeding a crack-head Crack!

I am going to be on the look out for the restaurant and also for Wegaman's!
Thank youuu

LOL, i love corn, just not enough to put it up there with sex ;-p

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