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Week 27 "Exciting Week"

First, I wish everyone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend, some had to work, but I do hope you enjoyed with your families and loved ones!

What a week!

Matters of the heart...oh wow, I feel I'm in a roller coaster ride but stuck on one know that rush you experience when you hit that first drop on the roller coaster, how it brings you all the way to the top and you have that feeling of uncertainty but is too late, can't go back, there is only one way out of there and is at the end of the ride....and then it drops? Feeling your lungs deflating, no air, and you want to breath and scream, but cant, You have a knot in your stomach and that scary feeling, you feel your heart is about to pop out of your chest...etc., etc., etc.,  Well that's one way to explain it.

I went on a mini vacation and when history was brought up to the table I jumped for it, this plans were last minute, I was asked Monday afternoon, at first I was a bit hesitant but hey opportunities like this don't come everyday...

First I went to Plymouth, MA and experienced the beautiful view of the ocean and the beach, all the boats, all sizes, the pier, everything was amazing, I am in love with the town...mmmmmm what a view!
Tons of walking, taking pics enjoying a town where it all began, where the pilgrims arrived, where thanksgiving was born, lol

Plymouth Rock

Town Parade

Unfortunately the mayflower was not there, getting repaired so I heard.
I enjoyed the sun, the friendly people, the parade, the seafood, the little stores, geez, every town in this state is so different!

love boats!
I love it.

shores of Plymouth
On my way home we stopped in Lexington, I wanted to see where the battle of Lexington and Concord took place, important because it was the first battle that started it all, when the 13 colonies said no'mo to Great Britain...hehe I remember taking a field trip there when I was attending grammar school but too young to appreciate it :-)
But since it was on the way home I needed to stop there...a must!

Lexington MA

Another town which is so different! Amazing huh?


Friends reunion for the past two weeks. Meeting up with people from my younger years and I'm talking about 20 years of friendship +
I'm the oldest in the group, the glue that holds it together and makes it happen, push it til it happens...felt so great to be in such cozy company!
We laughed so hard because we haven't been together in 10 years and it felt that we picked up where we left of, but better, we had stories to trade of how our lives are and have been, gave each other wiser advice, LOL!!!
And making plans to do it again and hopefully it doesn't take another 10 years.
We keep in touch through Facebook, now Instagram, and is not like we haven't heard from each other, still, nothing beats a hug and elbowing each other, making fun of each other, I had them in stitches reminding them of those days! WoW

picture came out a bit weird!! lol...perfect for here LOL

Other things, I am not done yet..LOL...told you I was busy...
Found a new spot...little lake in another town, you can tell not many people know about it, it was hot, humid, uncomfortable and there were not many people there, great sign!!!
Sunburn, fell asleep while reading, twice, that sun was beaming, but then a little breeze took over and sorta deceived me.

Pool party with the family...not as much sun but I did put my swimming skills to the test, I like it a lot!  I know how to swim!! YaaY!!!!

I did something different everyday of the week just about...amazing! Feeling proud! Accomplished, daring!

And the pheromones running wild!
Everywhere I go I'm turning heads, mmmmm dear confidence please ease back a bit, is going to my head! hahaha!!

Sincerely Yours

with my china :-) she says she likes taking pics with me cause i dont make her seem that asian!! LOL, so cuute!!


Anonymous said…
What a great post! Loved the pics and the history. I'm glad you had a wonderful week.
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you Secret!
ehehe, i love History, can you tell?

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