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Week 28

Horny week!

All I did was masturbate, cum and of course accomplished much in between.

Slacking so very much, I am not feeling it much this days.  It is getting to be a hassle and it is draining.
Been doing it for 14 years and it is beginning to take a toll on me, people are getting more needy, students and staff.  They ask for professionalism nonetheless upper management is the worse.
I need to figure out what is best for me although I do have an idea but it takes two *grins*

But as always, there is hope :-)

Uncluttered some areas, did my cabinets, my son watches me as I do my little thing and tells me "mom, you don't need a man around the house" lol, wise boy :-)
It feels great! 
Although I have contemplated the thought of moving, apartments are way to expensive and not worth what they are asking, I don't. need the privacy at the moment, my kids literally have taken over the house (another post).  Willing to sacrifice privacy for the right price, mama don't bring dudes home, and sleeps alone when they (kids) don't hit my bed in the middle of the night.  Kids!
Love the little changes taking place here and there... is cute.

mmmm great.
Meditation at its best and highest.
Pheromones all over, and loving the attention in some ways, then again...I'm not interested.

After 8 months of looking never found what I was looking for.
Life has a way of working its own miracles and I guess there is something wonderful in the works, but it is going to take great courage to see it through, I know I am worth it in every way.

There is just one word that keeps lingering in my mind and thoughts....willing.

Delicious ;-)
Lately I am a little cumslut, all I do is play with myself and cum of course I have been given ton of ammunition to work with and hot tamales, it has been fun, and very erotic, bringing me to a point that all I want to do is have my fingers between my slit and oh my the thoughts and desires are just a bit out of control lol.


It was an amazing week, doing wonderful in all areas but some need just a bit of work and will get better, as far as the job, I still have to figure that out, it is the only area at the moment that I'm not so happy about.

I do hope everyone is enjoying their summer, that you all enjoyed your weekend!
Many blessings to all!

Almost time for True Blood, can't wait :-)

Namaste to all

Sincerely Yours


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