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Con Artists at work, Catfish, & Anonymous

Someone is trying to be naughty.

I am not sure if this are just your regular "catfish" assholes trying to get money or my identity, but when they try to get involve in my private life, wanting to know intimate details about certain things it really makes me raise an eyebrow.

Has anyone watched that show catfish?
If so, did you see the application they have, is called "image search" when they take an image drag it to the app and if anyone has used that pic it will pop up.

I have used it a few times, because some people think I am one of those suckers who might be vulnerable, in need of attention, a boyfriend, maybe even look lonely to them, who knows what the catch is, but lately it has been happening too often.

Before I went to bed last night I get a Skype call, there is only one person who calls me using Skype but at that time it was too early for him to call, I pick up out of curiosity and a guy with an accent is on the other end, I hung up after a few seconds, he had a sexy accent, and hey, who doesn't like a guy with a deep, sexy voice and an accent?
He kept writing to me and insisting for me to give him my gmail acct, my yahoo IM, and asked me for a pic, of course he sent a pic so I can feel a bit more secure and send him one, I kept making excuses, and was vague with my replies, told him it was late and today I would talk to him again and send him the information.
Dude was hitting me up very early in the morning.
gave me enough time to do my homework as well.

After having people harass me online for so long I have learned my lesson, and I have a feeling someone is fishing for information.


this is the pic I was sent by Dr. John Smith (John Smith!! could he have been more original?  why not go as John Doe, probably would have been more believable!)


I went to Google Image and this is the information I was able to come up with.
His name is Lt. Andrew Baldwin, M.D., and not John Smith (at least he got the Dr part correct)

What intrigues me about this people trying to get in my blogs, twitter, facebook, etc., is that they are not after money, they are after me, they talk to me about love, how they want to be with me, build a family with me, etc.
Is like they want me to fall in love, or just have a man in my life one way or the other...

But it doesn't end there
not only I have guys trying to con me or get to me, there is also a gifted woman in the Netherlands reading my blog, very smart woman, she uses my words, my experiences to her advantages, of course as soon as I put her on blast on my blog letting her know that I am aware of the visits, she suddenly stops.
babygirl, I have the IP address of "ALL" the places you have checked my blog from...I was confused for a while thinking it was "him" putting two and two together and time of day just confirmed what I knew what was the obvious.

Anyways, for those out there trying to play games with me, play dirty, etc., just want to let you know I am way ahead of this game.

Wish me wrong, Wish me bad, Wish me gone...for everything bad you desire upon me will go back to you.

What is meant to be will be.

Sincerely Yours


little monkey said…
The picture is probably not event he guy trying to fish you. He probably yanked it off the internet , just like you looked it up on the internet. Just ignore the assholes.
AtiyaLuv said…
That is the actual pic he sent me and I used the Google app image and BAMM!!! Match

Thanks little monkey :-)

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