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Week 31 ~West Coast~

A most amazing week!

Spending time with my brother, something that does not happen too often and hope to change.

West Side!

I am impressed
People in California are much happier than the ones in Massachusetts, everywhere is good morning, good afternoon, good evening, smiles, friendly people overall, just like when I went to the Netherlands, people treated me so nice :-)

Vacationing with my brother is wonderful because we get spoiled, so far and in just a few days we've been kayaking, I took off on my own to see a few ranchos I spotted while doing some site seen, I was lost for a few but found my way...did I mention I like getting lost? As long as I find my way back is all good lol...

I was really impressed with the Ranchos, the orchards, amazing!!


I saw an almond field! First time seen an almond tree, I am wowed at nature on this side!

Almond Orchard and of course the mountains behind it

We have mountains in MA, NH, etc., but nothing like this!

view from the plane

Weather, omg the weather did not agree with me at first, the dry air was doing a number on me, but got that under control.

As you can see the weather is no joke here!!! 

We have been going on adventures on a regular I just stayed in, cooked for my brother, planned all the meals for the week since my mother requested that I cook for him every single day for him to eat his Dominican meals :) 

It is going to be so hard to leave here...well, more like it is going to be hard to leave him here :(

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves!

Vacation has been great by far!

this week...Magic Mountain, Six Flags...Hollywood, Venice Beach, etc., etc., etc.,

Sincerely Yours


little monkey said…
If you are in the area on Wednesday you should go to the Santa Monica Farmers Market!!!
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AtiyaLuv said…
@little monkey
Checking it out for sure! Thank you so much :-)
AtiyaLuv said…
@little monkey
Checking it out for sure! Thank you so much :-)

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