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Morning Rituals & Routines + a tampon

See that? I don't mind certain routines...
5:00 am Turn off alarm Depending on my mood I will either smile, stretch and feel blessed for another day ~or~ I will curse all the gods above and below the heavens because I rather stay in bed
Stay in bed for about 5 minutes or so thinking of him *mmmmmmm
I walk over to the window, blinds go up and window down :) enjoy the morning breeze, contemplate for a few, just taking in the beauty of the new day.  (does not matter what mood I wake up in)
Today was a foggy morning...and cold!

Shower Lotion/Oil/Vaseline from head to toes
Meditate/Yoga 20-45 minutes I enjoy this part of my morning.  I do some meditation and after I do yoga.  If I can't do the yoga that morning I will do some stretching, but I am getting in the habit of doing it.
Orgasm time!!!! After I am done meditating and my yoga I usually have a very wet slit, which is usually the cue to cum, and I do :) ehehe
Coffee/Breakfast (while getting my coffee and breakfast ready I also get…

Week 39

And they are going fast!!!

I am blank!
Dont know what to say...
That's a first.
Week was OK. Much going a way but I felt out of the ordinary yet again...two weeks in a row, this week was a bit better than last.
Positive and great friends help.
Specially my bff MacK she is awesome!!
Have a little thing going on right now on eBay and is going OK so far, little steps.  And also working on other things for the near future, a year or so, just projects.
Not feeling very enthusiastic yet I am still happy and outgoing.  That helps a ton.  I need to kick my own little ass to get motivated, I just don't want to stay leveled, I want to keep rising.  I love a challenge.
Tired of the same weekly routine and not been able to do things out of the ordinary.  I know I have to come out of work, go home cook and get son at practice!  How much longer?  When will football be over?  Is all I hear, day in, day out, even on Sundays they all gather to play football.  You serious??  Oh and al…

...and Friday is here!

Weekend is here and so glad it is.  I have been waiting for today since last Friday...just didn't do very well this week.  (PMS'ing)

Bad hair days
Ugly days
Clumsy days

Keeping busy as usual, reading, writing and researching are up quite a bit, specially the writing department.  I filled a notebook this week just writing; 5, 6, 7 - 10 pages a night, sometimes even more.  That's what I call inspiration!!

Yoga - Loving it!!
Flexibility is getting there, it is hard, but not impossible.

Meditation comes natural, it is easy to empty my thoughts in a split of a second, and since I get bored easily and love variation I do different types of meditation.

Keeping up with all of my social media sites, actually, I am keeping up with just about everything but my blogs, instead of writing on notebooks I should put things on here...probably for #throwbackThursday I can do something like that.

I am thinking of sharing a few posts I wrote somewhere else :)

Loving my feet! I read a post fr…

TMI Tuesday ~Taboo & Fantasy~

More questions submitted by TMI Tuesday players, on June 16, as a response to that week’sbonus question. Thank you again! This week is all about Taboo, tickles, and fantasy.

From :
1. What strange areas of your body are ticklish? all over!  my back, behind my knees, feet, my sides and under my arms...caress me too gently behind my neck and I will make a hole on the roof!

From :
2. What is something you are interested in sexually, but only on a purely fantasy level? Something that you think about but could never fully act on. That all men and women are created equal and that the world becomes a huge orgy network where we can all live as one and fuck as one!

From :
3. If you could have a week of the best sex ever in human history but you had to have a fish head as your head for the rest of your life, after that week, would you do it? NO!!  and what makes me sure that will be the best sex ever i…

Update lol

I did great!I was able to disconnect myselfmeditated for about 15 minutesBlasted the musicCleanse my homeAt the moment working on myself ;-) Manicure
Making myself comfy and gorgeous.Turning it around!!Meditation is great, but music at times is just the icing on the cake ;-)A great night to all!Sincerely yours

Week 38 - End or Beginning of the week

The beginning of the week for some or the end of the week for others.If so and if that is the case...EitherI am having an awful end of the week to complete (with a cherry on top) the odd week I hadOrThe beginning of what is to be a very shitty week.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My mood was a bit off, more like I was moody, ehehe, which is not often taken lightly at home, everyone just stays out of my way and keep the conversations to a minimum, I really don't know why, I never go off on them or give them attitude, but I am glad they know when I need my space without having to ask or say it.  Great kids! Taught them well!I did go out during the week and kept myself busy. 
Yoga center, a date, permaculture workshop, buying decorations and assisting a friend to prepare for a, picking up son from practice every single day...etc.
I kept myself busy!StillDidn't feel right, I felt uncomfortable.  I was hoping things would turn around but they didn't.Today, which is e…

Taking a Chance in Love

February of this year I met a guy by chance.
I call him "Catfish"
When we first began communicating I thought he was pretending to be someone else (sometimes I still feel this way).
I was going through a moment in my life when some people where harassing me online and I thought he was part of that.
For months I have been running away from this guy, avoiding him at times, insulting him, arguing, and I go back and think about it and if I was him I would have told me a long time ago to "go fuck myself!" BUT he didn't... I take that back... he did tell me once to forget about it, that he was not going to put up with my ish anymore and he was not going to pay for the pain another man caused me (that's when the masochist/submissive side of me kicked in -- turned me on when he spoke back to me like that, put my cute little ass in my place) It took quite a few months for me to let my guard down
I am scared but I am going for it!   Going to take a chance in the love …

TMI Tuesday ~Fill in the blanks~

Hello folks! This week use those sexy (and often dirty) minds to fill in the blanks for TMI Tuesday fun.

Fill in the blanks. 1. My passion project isto finally get laid . May be easy for a few, but not for me!!  Some people get laid to satisfy the need, a need to cum, etc., etc., etc.,
I need to be into someone in order for me to get into the act... 2. In the morning I hate to wake up alone . yes, it will be a challenge to finally one day wake up next to a man, fighting the bad breath and also getting used to the fact the bed is no longer mine to roam through the entire night and I will have to stick to one side of the bed, and not have the option if I want to sleep on the left side, right side, or in the middle...*sighs* (do I really want to give that up?) 3. If my glutes were bigger, I would like it. Lets face it, I am honest about it, I don't have a problem with it but I would have loved to have a nicer, rounder, bigger butt. 4. Please don’t make out, kiss and cuddle close to me. I don&#…

Week 37

Exquisite week

Went too fast, by the time I realized it we were back to Monday.

Nipples are still healing at a rapid rate, I can twist the barbell and not feel any discomfort.
Each day I fall in love with my breasts more and more, I think they look so sexy!
It it was up to me I would be wearing see-through shirts just to show them off.

Still a slave to my son (that sounds so disturbing)
Every single day is drop him off, pick him up, and mom don't forget to cook the protein--game on Fridays and Saturdays!
Since he's been playing football, working out, and the practicing I feel I am more in the kitchen than any other place in the house, boy is always hungry...I am about to apply for a part time job just for the food.
....and he is only 15 ***faints

Work is incredible, I have my days just like anyone else.
One day I hate it, the rest I am having fun and comfortable.

I have reached a level that I am still amazed I am there, I am actually helping people now.  Sur…

Sex and a Period

One of the question on TMI Tuesday Blog this week was if a woman had her period would it change things when it came to sex, should or does a man stay away from the woman, or vice versa etc.

Some men are very iffy about touching a woman while she is on the rag.  My Puertorican (x-husband) was one of them.

He felt that a woman should not even be kissed during those days.
They are meant to be respected, he used to say!
But he didn't have a problem with my bloody pussy when he wanted a blow job, so when I had my period all other holes were also closed for business.
I don't care how much I love cock sucking or pleasing for that matter, if I was going to make him cum I wanted some release as well, I can't cum...sorry buddy, you can't either!

I really thought for a very long time that a woman should not have sex, or any sexual activities while on her period...

I used to think I was sinning each time I played with myself been on the rag--didn't make a difference, I did it…

TMI Tuesday ~Lovers, partners, exes, and …Betty White? A strange mix~

The following unique and wacky TMI Tuesday questions were submitted by TMI Tuesday players, on June 16, as a response to that week’s bonus question. Thank you to all who participated. 1. Tell us something kinky that you refused to do with a partner (ex or present) but secretly wish you had done. anal sex - my husband wanted to do it and I was down for a while but the marriage ended and we never got around to it. 2. Pick your top three lovers and explain why you picked them! my first and I am picking him cause he was my first...We learned about sex together, my first blowjob, having my pussy licked for the first time, how horny we used to be and how we fucked all the time, anywhere, didn't matter! *grins* my x-husband (2nd lover) oh my - this guy was a monster! with him I learned to let go, to be a little slut cause he was so serious and every time I wanted to try something new or did something out of the ordinary in bed…

Nipple Piercings and a Loofah

A few weeks ago I went and had my nipples pierced

what an amazing experience!
I was scared when I walked into the office to have the procedure done but at the same time I was excited.

I was concentrating more on how sexy it was going to look rather than the pain I was suppose to endure.

The guy looked so rough, fat fingers and not at all gentle, but appearances can be deceiving.  I revealed my breasts and he loved them by the way.  He noticed I had a reduction and commented on what a great job they've done with them (I used to be a 38 DDD almost an E) I was not very pleased with the job myself and was suppose to go back and have the imperfections fixed but I am not going under the knife again...

Back to the piercing...
He marked the nipples with a marker, explained the entire procedure, to look at him and exhale when I felt the needle going in and that is exactly what I did.
I felt the sharp pain and to make it worse I looked down, I wanted to see the needle piercing through my ni…

Week 36 ~not so much going on~

I worked very little this week, son sick and miserable cause he can't play football but hopefully he will be cleared to play tomorrow!
He is driving me crazy, misery loves company and he makes sure he follows me all over the house.
I need a vacation!
Catching up at work and it seems that this is going to be another catch up week because of my absence last week.
I painted the hallway at home, I first patched the holes and sanded them down...came out great :-) I  am really handy around the house.  Yaaay

Nipples are almost cured! That was quick!  I am so proud of my boobs, I can't stop looking at them! Weeks are going very fast.

Looking back at this past few weeks I am feeling so proud, I've come a long way!
Sincerely Yours Aluv

TMI Tuesday ~wanna ride?~

Do you wanna ride?Today’s TMI Tuesday is all about your ride–your car, your moto, your bike–your regular mode of transport, and of course sex Watch video: Pebbles – mercedes boy 1. What type of vehicle do you use regularly? Truck, car, bike, etc. a 4 door car - is my piece of crap, but it is paid for and is mine :) 2. Do you use public transportation–bus, train, metro/subway, cab? How often? I used to and I loved it!  but it takes up too much time. 3. Have you ever had sex in/on public transportation? Tell us about it? I have, in a car, on top of it, mostly blow jobs 4. I know most of you have had sex in a car or truck but how many times have you had sex in your present vehicle? cant remember if I did! has it been that long?   If I can't remember it is because probably it never happened. 5. When was the last time you had sex in  car or truck type vehicle? Was it with a known person or a stranger? it was with the x-husband, many years ago 6. Have you ever had sex on a bicycle or motorcycle?