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Sex and a Period

One of the question on TMI Tuesday Blog this week was if a woman had her period would it change things when it came to sex, should or does a man stay away from the woman, or vice versa etc.

Some men are very iffy about touching a woman while she is on the rag.  My Puertorican (x-husband) was one of them.

He felt that a woman should not even be kissed during those days.
They are meant to be respected, he used to say!
But he didn't have a problem with my bloody pussy when he wanted a blow job, so when I had my period all other holes were also closed for business.
I don't care how much I love cock sucking or pleasing for that matter, if I was going to make him cum I wanted some release as well, I can't cum...sorry buddy, you can't either!

I really thought for a very long time that a woman should not have sex, or any sexual activities while on her period...

I used to think I was sinning each time I played with myself been on the rag--didn't make a difference, I did it anyways, if nobody knew about it then it was all good.

I am still doing it!!! (some things don't change)

All that change one day.  (bows to Dutchman)

August 17, 2010 

my Dutch shows up to the hotel, I was crying and devastated.  I got my period that day, it wasn't due for about another week but I guess all the excitement of the trip, getting fucked and made love to after so many years did the trick.

He sits next to me and asked me what was wrong, and I give him the bad news, he asked if the flow was heavy, I told him it was my first day, and before I knew it he was kissing me, undressing me and in the blink of an eye he was on top of me pleasing his girl! *shivers*

It did not make any difference, we did it all, we were at it for a few hours placing towels under me, cleaning up each time I came or he came, it was messy but it was wonderful.

I spent the entire night washing towels and sheets but with the biggest smile ever!  I thought that was the coolest thing I have experienced in the sex department, specially how it didn't bother him, it felt natural, I didn't feel embarrassed about it either.

We went with the flow (lmao)



That was just amazing!!

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
i totaly get it i used to love the fact that my first wife loved sex during her period. My current wife thinks its disgusting. Glad you found the pleasures of pleasure during that time of month.
AtiyaLuv said…
thanks @slave sindee
I don't mind period sex, in fact I think it is part of life and if a couple happen to get frisky that time of the month, there is always the bathroom to do it in.

Thanks again :)

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