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Week 37

Exquisite week

Went too fast, by the time I realized it we were back to Monday.

Nipples are still healing at a rapid rate, I can twist the barbell and not feel any discomfort.
Each day I fall in love with my breasts more and more, I think they look so sexy!
It it was up to me I would be wearing see-through shirts just to show them off.

Still a slave to my son (that sounds so disturbing)
Every single day is drop him off, pick him up, and mom don't forget to cook the protein--game on Fridays and Saturdays!
Since he's been playing football, working out, and the practicing I feel I am more in the kitchen than any other place in the house, boy is always hungry...I am about to apply for a part time job just for the food.
....and he is only 15 ***faints

Work is incredible, I have my days just like anyone else.
One day I hate it, the rest I am having fun and comfortable.

I have reached a level that I am still amazed I am there, I am actually helping people now.  Surrounded by amazing people, my teachers, my guides.
Always happy, outgoing, and growing!!
Yoga is also included.
Dragonflies continue to follow me is said that it means change and wonderful things coming my way...suckers even let me touch them and get near them

NOW -- isn't that cute!!!!

Incredibly busy, yet I find time to do everything I set out to do in the day.

Monday - Friday schedule

take son to school 7am
Work 8 - 4:30
Cook (every single day)
Pick up and drop off son
Football games
Yoga - 2x a week
Meditation, Chakra, Healing - 2x a week
I take my neighbors to run errands - (this goes from Monday - Monday)

**does not include chores, second life, and other errands I do as well, and the things that just happen to present themselves out of the blues**

I am often asked where to I find the time, I look at them and wonder why they never have enough time.
When I am going to do to something I do it.  I don't put it off (unless is laundry)

I love to procrastinate, don't get me wrong, and I often do it with many things, but I also have my priorities and I know what needs my attention and what needs to get done.

THE Love life
I keep getting questions about my love life...
not much going on, I do have quite a few admirers and potentials but at the moment nothing I am interested in (weeeell, not totally true)
I have a few things up my sleeve

Wishing all an amazing week!

Tomorrow is TMI Tuesday!!

Love it!!

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
love your nipples too.
wish we could dress as we desire instead of always having to please mainstream.
WOW i though i was busy. Hope your son does well in football and you enjoy his games.
About your love life some day the perfect guy will come along for you
Keep smiling and bloggin love your blog and photos
Anonymous said…
Blah blah blah. I read none of your words. I was drawn here by the sight of your beautiful, luscious looking nipple that was plastered in the blogroll of another blog. I arrived here to see more sexy photos. You have sensual lips.

Thanks for sharing.

AtiyaLuv said…
@Slave Sindee
Thank you so much!
I also wish we can dress as we desire, maybe one day!
I do enjoy his games :) and although I nag about doing the mom thing I feel like a superhero at the end of the day!!
I am sure He will come along someday! I am ready!!!

I put that pic there just to make you come to my blog and see the rest of the pics!!
thank you :)


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