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Master's Weekend Birthday (part 2)

He loves to tease me, and I am not sure if his stare, the way he watches me is part of his mind game.

When we kiss I feel him watching me, when I open my eyes sure enough, he is watching me.

Every reaction
Movement of my body
Each emotion that is manifested through moans and body language
He is watching
He is studying

I lay next to him feeling more comfortable, I began to talk and for a moment is seemed like never ending, hope he didn't notice, but he was answering all of my questions, still, I was in another world, I can't remember what we spoke thing I know I am kissing on his chest, my hands trailing up and down from his chest cavity, his belly button, and last but not least, his beautiful erected cock.

I hold it in my hand, stroking up and down, kneeling next to him, my lips on his chest, kissing him licking, knowing his cock was only a few inches away from my mouth made me drool, I wanted to feel him, his hardness, taste him, please him.

Moving my head down about to make my move my head is suddenly yanked back, I feel my hair in a tight grip, I was stunted by the move..

"You didn't ask for my permission" he said in a very mellow voice.

I didn't dare look back, I didn't know what to say, was not sure if my smartass material would be cute this time around, didn't want to take a chance.  I really wanted to respond that I didn't know I had to... That cock was mine, to have, to hold, to suck, cherish, please and make it cum. 

I turned slowly to look at him

"May I? May I suck your cock?"

He nods, I turned to face his luscious cock

I gently open my mouth, my soft tongue making an appearance as I approach the tip of his cock swirling it around it, I feel as he bucks his hip a bit, I can tell he is already enjoying it.
That was fuel to my fire.

I push my head down caressing his cock with my tongue as I look as it disappeared completely in my mouth, my lips tightening up at the rim, turning my head side to side, feeling the tip caress the back of my throat making me gag.
Pressing my lips tight I pull back sucking from the bottom up, swirling my tongue as I reach the tip.
Feeling his hand on the back of my head, his fingers combing through my hair, he clutches a tight grip pushing my head all the way down.
My pussy contracted, nipples became harder and my moans became louder.

I suck his cock with hunger, groaning as I go up and down, taking it in my hand slapping my mouth with it, once again I am surprised by him yanking my head back pulling me towards him when my lips meet his.
He sucks on my bottom lip as I suck his upper lip, taking turns and alternating, our tongues dancing, passionately kissing as we moaned and groan.

He grabs me, laying me on top him our lips still locked
Placing my knees on each side I align my slit with his hard cock, I slide up and down as my juices make it more easy to glide.
I buck my hips placing the tip at the opening of my welcoming tight hole, going down slowly taking every inch in, moving in circular motions and our lips still locked in a deep kiss.

My breasts pressed against his chest, his hands on my ass following the rhythm of my ass now moving up and down, feeling his cock fill my pussy for a moment and for a few seconds rush down to fill it again, hug his cock with my hot, wet walls, tightening it around him as I go up, tightening up again as I go down.

He pulls my head back kissing, sucking and biting on my chin, making his way to my neck and my shoulder, with each bite and rough act from his behalf it makes my moans become louder, my desire grows, my pussy begins to throb, I can't hold it and I begin to cum.

I pant, I scream, I try to get off but he wraps his arms tight around my waste and continues fucking me purposely, he knows that while he keeps pumping I'll keep cumin.
I try pushing myself off him, I scream that I can't take if anymore, his embrace becomes tighter, he grunts and groans, my Master is about to cum.
He filled me with his juices, and me wishing it was my mouth he was cumin in.

I lay on top of him listening to his erratic heartbeat and feeling my own, his cock becoming smaller and sliding out of my pussy, our cum dripping from out of me and too weak at the moment to go down and lick, at least I thought for not a moment sooner I was down by his cock using my tongue to clean him up.

Sweeping my tongue along his groin, his inner thighs, his balls and of course, my Masters lovely cock.

When I was done cleaning him up I crawled up to his side curling up next to him resting for the next round.


Anonymous said…
very hot i so want to be you
Thanks for sharing
AtiyaLuv said…
@slave sindee
I so want to be the girl in the story LOL
Thank you so much :)


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