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Master's weekend Birthday (part 1)

My phone beeps, an email coming through, I look down and dismiss it for a minute until a message comes in from him...
(as always when I see it is him my heart beats faster than usual, my body goes hot all of a sudden, a lump in my throat, weak knees, and butterflies in my tummy does not fail after all this years
I hold the phone in my hand, slide the unlock button while taking a sit and deep breaths in out and at the same time trying not to make it so obvious with the people around.

Him:  hey gorgious, did you check your email
(I giggle when I see the message, I always thought it was so cute how after all this years he still misspells gorgeous.)

Me:    not yet, why? You sent something?
Him:  go check and then get back to me.

His wishes been my command, I flicked the screen to check for emails, I giggle cause I have so many APPS for the different accounts, but I go straight to my gmail.  I see a confirmation email for a flight, my heart drops, I fluster, I can't believe it, I open it and there it is, a round trip ticket to be with him.

A footnote that read
"I hope you can take those days off in such a short notice.  It is my birthday, I always get myself something special and this year I decided I wanted you"

I flipped to the IM jumping with delight on the chair, still sitting down of course, I was afraid to lose my balance and fall in front of everyone that had already turned to look at me.

Me:   Paaaaaapi!!!!!
Him:  pack your bags my sexy Latina, you coming home to papi
Me:   lol for sure!
Him:  bring anything you have, like your corset, ropes, and such.  I can't wait to spread you open and look at that ring on clit, put a chain from your nipples to your clit. hmmm
Me:   got it!  Anything else my papi mine? *grins blushing*
Him:  no baby, I'll see you here and no cumin til then
Me:   yes, my papi mine!!


The plane ride couldn't have been any longer, but I'm finally there, the lines through the immigration were longer than usual, I didn't have to stop to get a luggage, I packed light, carry-on and a book bag was all I needed, it was only from Thursday to Sunday and I didn't think I was going to be out much.
I finally make it, my turn, I hand in all my documentation, he stamps my passport and I couldn't run out faster!
I'm already thinking is going to take an hour to get to the hotel....the doors slide open, I walk out and look around with a huge smile dragging my luggage making my way to the currency exchange.  I get the money turn around and as I am about to take the escalator down to the train terminal someone comes from behind me tapping on my shoulder, I quickly turn around and to my surprise it was him.  All along he was watching me from a distance, every move I made. 
I turn to putty, I melted and couldn't help but just giggle which he couldn't help himself and made him chuckle, standing there just looking at each other smiling, full of emotions on my behalf and those piercing blue eyes studying my reaction, each of my symptoms.
Our arms around each other and not long after we engaged in a deep passionate kiss.  Our lips parted for a minute, we looked into each others eyes, we smiled as he placed me down slowly and taking his time letting me go knowing the effect he has on me, when he is ready and sees i am ready he lets go leaning down taking my luggage in one hand and my hand on his other hand leading me to his truck and off to an afternoon I will never forget for as long as I live.

As he drove to our first destination nothing much was said, we kept looking at each other and smiling, I giggled here and there while blushing which made him laugh, suddenly he slows down making a right turn to a place which looked familiar.

"Do your remember this place?" He asks.

I looked around not sure if I remembered, I looked up and see something familiar and began to laugh

"Papi is our bench!"

He parks, exist and comes around to lead me out, grabbing my hand we walk together to that special place, our bench.

We sit and begin to laugh and reminisce of the first time we were there, tension was building, we could no longer put it off, resist, I looked at him and before I gave him a chance to react I was on his lap kissing his jaw, I felt his hands caressing my ass over the skirt, kneading my skin bringing me closer to him, my legs wrapped around him, pressing my breast against his chest, lips locked tight, moaning as I felt the rush from my lips to my clit.
His wondrous hand make its way around to my right breast, he squeezes it, breaks our kiss to look down to unbutton my shirt completely while he looks at me, breathing becoming heavier, he opens the shirt admiring the piercings

"I couldn't wait to see those"

He pulls me in, my heart beating faster as his lips close in to my right breast, they were already erected reacting to his touch.
I look down watching him take my breast in his hand placing my hard nipple between his lips sucking and flicking vigorously on it, letting go of the right breast and now grabbing the left repeating the same affection, I moan, looking at him, moving my hips, trying to press my wet, throbbing pussy against his hard cock.

We forgot we were at a park, a public place, didn't matter at that moment, we were lost with each other.

He grabs both my breasts bringing the nipples as close to each other as possible, placing them both in between his lips, sucking, licking and flicking.
The wetness building up between my slit, throbbing and pulsating, when I am suddenly surprised when I feel his finger flicking at the clit ring, his arm around me pulling me close, his lips close to my ear, already shivering

"cum for me baby"
(he always wanted to do that in person)

I begin to pant in his embrace, moaning loudly, I feel a finger going inside of me, sliding right in from my wetness, my inner walls wrapping tight around it as I cum at his command, bucking my hips, wishing he would just lay me over on the bench or the grass, or just put his cock in me, I wanted him, desired him and I let him know by moving my hips up and down and in circles around his finger, searching for his eyes, looking at him seductively, biting my lips...he smiles as he slowly slides his finger out placing it in front of me.
I lean in take his hand with both my hands leading his finger into my mouth, I lick from the end to the tip of the finger slowly sliding it in my mouth while looking at him and hoping still he would fuck me there.  After I clean up the cum of his finger he places his hand behind my head pulling me in for a kiss, not only he is kissing me but licking and sucking on my lips, tasting the residues of my cum left behind.

"let's fix you up and get to the hotel, we have much to do"  

He leans in kissing my forehead placing his hands on each side of my hips and spanks me lightly.  I get up buttoning my blouse fixing myself up watching him put his hand down his pants also fixing himself.  Seen that hard cock outlined through his pants only made me want to drop on my knees and show him how much I adore it!!

Back in the truck on the way to the hotel not much was said once again, glancing at each other and smiles.  He would turn once in a while and ask me if I was alright and I would nod and tell him I was just a bit overwhelmed.
In fact I just couldn't wait to get there and get to business, I wanted him to take me and do bad things to me but I didn't want to tell him that, I wanted him to see the shy side of me, not the little beasty slut dying to come out and perform every dirty deed I have seen and read in every dirty magazine and porn.

When we get to the hotel he tells me to wait in the truck until he comes to get me.  Seems like I waited forever, I was excited, nervous and horny all in one.
I see him walking towards the parked truck, he opens the door leaning in and putting a playful kiss on my lips, reaches for my luggage, helps me out of the truck, locks up and off to the little house we rented for the weekend, it was amazing to go back to the same place I was at years ago.

When we finally arrive he unlocks the door, I follow him through the hallway into the living room and not a moment to waste we were in each others throat, locking lips.  We basically attacked each other, he was taking off my clothes while I was taking his, we seemed like pros, not a pause in between, it was a magical rhythm, the clothes seemed to be shed on their own...

I go down on my knees grabbing his cock with both my hands, cupping down at the rim, erected before my lips as I slowly take it all the way in down to the back of my throat.
Sliding it out of my mouth I lick down one side all the way down to his balls, licking and sucking them gently placing them in my warm mouth, going around them to the other side and all the way to the tip, licking around the rim.
Hearing his moans make me even want to suck on it even more
I push my head down once again feeling the tip hit the back of my throat
my head going up and down, wrapping my lips tight around his shaft as I take it all the way in, milking it with my lips as they stay wrapped tightly around him.
I bring my lips down all the way to the rim, pushing myself to the edge of gagging, enjoying it, loving it, pressing my lips tight as I pull back, the sweet taste of his precum as I squeeze it out of him.

Unable to take one more moment of the torture my lips provide, he helps me to my feet, we kiss once again, deeply, passionately, I turn around my back against his chest and our lips still locked, my head tilted back, his hands caressing my nipples, flicking on them with the tip of his fingertips.  
I begin to walk away from him towards the stairs, I look back and see he is right behind me, following me, a few steps up the stairs he grabs me from behind turns me around and begins to kiss me leading my body down to rest on the stairs.  
The edge of my ass resting on the step, his lips going down to  my neck, trailing in between my breasts taking a little time to suck on each of them taking turns, my hands on his head pressing down on it not wanting to let go of the feeling, his soft tongue trailing down my happy trail to my welcoming pussy, I spread my legs feeling the warmth of his breath between my slit.  
My engorged clit been flicked by the tip of his tongue making my leg shake each time he does it, he spreads my legs wide looking at the piercing that was done for him, at his request, for his birthday, he smiles and goes down to suck on my labia, his tongue caressing around my clit but not touching it, teasing me, I look down, my eyes meeting his.
Playfully he flicks on the ring, grabbing it between his teeth pulling it gently to see my reaction, I gasp, he lets go of it flicking on it again, my clit feeling the blood rushing through it, growing in between my slit, my insides yearning to be filled by his manhood, all I want to do is cum.  He playfully places the ring between his teeth and pulls a bit harder, I gasp and moan, he releases and buries his face between my mound, sucking and licking my clit rapidly, my inner thighs begin to shake as I approach to an orgasm, I scream as I cum, placing my hands behind the back of his head pressing it against my pussy as I cum.
He continues to suck even after it becomes too sensitive, I try to push him off but he wont budge, he keeps sucking, I try to push him away, but he grabs my hands in his holding them down tight against the stairs, pressing his lips against my pussy making out with it, making me cum again and again, tears running down the side of my eyes, shaking all over, panting.

When he felt he was done with me and satisfied with his doing he stands, watching me weak before him he helps me stand up leading me to the bedroom.
My weak body falls on the bed, my inner thighs still shaking and my clit throbbing, feeling swollen between my labia.  He was not about to let me rest, his body on top of mine, feeling his weight, kissing passionately I begin to feel his cock sliding between my slit, spasms each time it caresses my still sensitive clit.
At the opening of my pussy I feel the hardness of his tip making its way in, tilting my head back as he slides in me, feeling his lips kissing on my chin, down my neck to my shoulders, my hands around him pressing on his ass cheeks pulling him in deeper in me.

He pulls back, thrusting in and out, watching my reaction while I squirm, whimper and moan under him.

His hands going up and down my body, caressing my breasts, teasing my nipples, pulling on my nipple rings to bring more pleasure, I tilt my head back feeling the pressure building deep in me, I pull back my arms extending them above my head as I begin to cum, panting, trying to close my legs and pushing him off, I place my hands on his chest trying to push him off, I couldn't take it, he grabs my hands placing them on each side and holding them down as he continues to fuck me, pumping harder in me, completely dismissing the fact I was cummin, dismissing my screams which seemed to bring him even more pleasure .
One orgasm after another, my cunt swollen from the inside-out, wrapped tight around his hard cock, pressing his chest against mine as he comes down, he gives me a few hard pumps and begins to cum, hearing his moans is like music to my ears, as he cums I feel him push his cock deeper in me as if wanting to split me in half, groaning like an animal, his hands clutched to mine so hard they feel numb, he goes in and out a few more times making he gives me the last drop of his cum.

He falls on top of me, tired, I can't move myself, our heavy breathing, seems like we were taking turns, his erratic heartbeat could be felt from his chest onto mine.

I kiss his shoulder as he lays on me, he lifts his head to look at me and kiss me.

"Round one"  
he says as he turns to land next to me on the bed, I turn to face him, taking deep breaths in and out as I turn around to rest on him

I chuckled knowing that was just the first of many to get the afternoon started, a long weekend ahead and many things about to happen...

This four days are going to be challenging
I just don't know what he has planned for me.
It is his birthday weekend
he wants to make it special
he wants to make all his little kinky dreams and fantasies a reality
and he was happy to have his girl there
to make his wishes come true

"Happy birthday to me"
he says as he kisses my forehead looking down smiling at me.

"happy birthday my Master" I say looking up at him returning the smile

"not yet baby, but it will be at the end of this weekend, a very happy birthday to me"

Sincerely Yours


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