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I used to be a fan of yours until my account was suspended because of the pins I "REPINNED"  from other boards.  Funny how those boards are still up

Each time I received an email from your bot saying that my pin was sexually explicit in nature, I signed in and removed it, just because I wanted to comply with your policies.

I went as far as cleaning up all of my boards and removed pictures that had exposed
or anything that Pinterest would consider as sexually explicit.

This is one of the pics which was removed and this is the message I received from Pinterest.

Hi Atiya,
We recently removed another one of your pins because it goes against our policies. We don't allow things that are inappropriate for the general public, like sexually explicit pins, anywhere on Pinterest. We do allow works of art and educational pins, like you might see in a museum or classroom.
Could you please delete any other pins that go against our policies? Otherwise, we may remove the board where the pins came from.
The latest pin we removed was from your board "Because Curvy is beautiful" and it originally came from
Thanks for your help,
Ben & The Pinterest Team

I am still pondering and wondering how, when and where that picture is offensive.


I'm not sure if to blame Pinterest for having my account canceled or the people who were flagging my pins.

I tried starting another Pinterest account but unfortunately I lost love for the site, and quite a few of my friends have followed suit!

When my boards had anything sexually in them I would warn the public about the content of it, but of course we have the self absorbed bitches who never really got fucked the right way or have actually seen a descent size dick and they feel the need to flag certain pins.

I actually think some people were not so happy that my pinterest was getting a bit popular with many followers, many repins from my boards, etc.

Sad Sad

I spent many hours putting my wonderful boards together, and just because of some hating ass bitches with nothing better to do other than to go about flagging pins because they are not getting fucked or done the proper way is a huge pity.

Sincerely Yours


C Stag said…
that really is a shame, with all the effort to add "pins"... but it appears its not worth the battle.
AtiyaLuv said…
I loooved my Pinterest!!
not wasting time on it anymore, specially when I have people flagging me.
I was told it was because "people" kept flagging the stuff I pinned...UGH!!


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