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TMI Tuesday ~dont like dating~

Dating Obstacles

1. Could you date someone who is really into Legos? Their house consist of Lego furniture, the walls are covered in 3-D Lego art or photos of mammoth Lego creations.
Only if they don't have a problem with my doll house, giant stuffed animals and notebooks diary collection, my blogging/reading/lurker addiction, my SecondLife virtual game and also when I get a bit into my video games.
is all about compromising, no?
2. You have a big date and discover that you have run out of undies (underwear, panties), would you:
a. re-wear dirty
b. wear a swimsuit or swimsuit bottoms
c. line worn undies with fresh panty-liners
d. go commando
90 % of the time I am commando, I've been on dates like this already, they just dont know!!
3. In order to date the person of your dreams, you must be in a reality show with them. Would you date him/her? Why?
I'm always willing to try new things...if it doesnt work, there is always break ups, and why?  just thinking of all the adventures and great times we'd have, I used to watch real world back in the days
4. You have been dating a certain someone for a while, you two click and you really like them but they confided to you that they are a crime-fighting super hero? Do you still date them or let the relationship cool? Why?
Everything will continue the same, LIE!!  would be so awesome, I'd make him wear his suit, roleplay would be so much better, helluuuur, my man is super hero!!!...HE better fly is all i can say!!
5. You are on a date with someone you really want to impress. Your pants/skirt/shirt/bra split early in the date. What do you do?
a. Tie a jacket or sweater around your waist or put the jacket or sweater on to hide the issue
b. Stop at a drugstore and buy safety pins, and in secret try to fix and hide problem
c. ‘Fess up to the problem, let it all hang out and continue with the date
d. Cut the date short and go home
C.  Fess up to the problem, **try to make the outfit just a bit more appropriate for the time been and continue with the date
BONUS:  You went away for the weekend with your new romantic love interest. He/she had planned a wonderful weekend of outdoor fun for you both but it has started to rain and storms are in the forecast for the next few days. What do you suggest the two of you do instead?
First I would make him feel comfortable and tell him we can improvise on the plans, even doing some under the rain...think outside the box.  Rearrange the entire itinerary on things we enjoy do a bit of research by exploring the resort and what they have to offer.  Even make up a legend of  ghost and such...the possibilities are endless

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblogfrom your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sincerely Yours


someone i knew from college was on The Real World. i know, i know, i couldn't believe it, still can't to this day, i talked to and was brief friends with an actual famous person.

you had me at video games...
Anonymous said…
I absolutely adore your answers! I guess considering I probably learned some of my scandalous behavior from Real World, I shouldn't have been too quick to dismiss the idea.

You rock, girl!!
Anonymous said…
I love your answers! Yes, make him wear that superhero costume and fly. (No TSA here!)
Kazi G said…
Great answers! I know Lego Man would have to deal with way more oddity on my side ;)

Happy TMI!!

~Kazi xxx
Becky Whee said…
I watched The Real World back in the day too.

LOL to "he better fly."

The possibilities are endless when it rains.

Great answers. Happy TMI.

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