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TMI Tuesday ~It's Random!~

Yes, that’s correct there is no method to my madness with this week’s TMI Tuesdayquestions. I like them, that is why they are there 1. If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?
I will have to go with Dirty Dancing!
(it is the first movie that came to mind)

2. Who is starring in the movie of your life? Drew Barrymore, she is sooo cute.
I also love Meg Ryan but that means my guy will have to be played by Tom Hank.  
tough one!

3. What is your favorite curse word?
WTF!! 4. What word or phrase do you say most often during sex?
Im a talker, and a moaner if it feels good, and a screamer, and an OMG!!! type of girl 5. What word or phrase are you tired of hearing during sex?
I really can't has been so long!! 6. What word or phrase do you like to hear during sex?
cum for me!
((haha Paaapi!! LOL))  Bonus:  Which sex profession would you attempt? You must pick one. Tell us why you made that choice. a. porn movie actor b. phone sex operator - my cute Spa…

Sexy morning Coffee...

By 5:45 each morning I have my cup of coffee in hand, a towel wrapped around my head, naked standing by the window welcoming the new day.

Enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee!

Sincerely Yours

week 47 ~blessed week~

The week was long and now filled with a ton of responsibilities at work, took some time last night and wrote a bunch of events to present and follow through. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a challenge, I need to stay busy and constantly working on new things, getting involved and learning.  I guess this is my time to get things going and do something about some of the social skills I have.
The week did not end too well. Got into a minor fender bender, trust me, my car looks worse than hers, she only had tiny white paint marks, it was stressing because I kept explaining to her that we didn't need to call he cops that we needed to exchange information and that was it, but she insisted, the cop came and told her the same thing *rolling my eyes here*

Had the babyshower for my first born! about to have her first baby and moving back home for a few months to get some help the new auntie, uncle and me, the grandmother :)) She looked awesome!!
As you can tell, all my sisters are extreme…

my Master...

Sincerely Yours

Busy Season and Grandma Material

Very busy this days but I somehow manage to fit all in my schedule.

I have always been a multi-tasker and that skill has been very handy and helpful this days.

We are planning my oldest daughters' baby-shower and just glad my middle child has taken control of it all and most of the responsibilities, at this point I only need to cook for party - feeding about 150 - 200  people o.O
My daughter is 23 and is about to have her first child and my first grandson.  We are all very excited, a baby in the house!! and a boy to say the least, that is awesome since girls rule in our family.
She has 5 more weeks to go!!!
I am so gonna be the coolest grandmother and gorgeous!!!

I am now Calendar Girl at work, responsible to keep track of company wide events, bring them up in meetings, market them as they come up, and set up any help as needed.
How exciting!!

To say the least...Thanksgiving is around the corner.
Another day of running around.
Just glad that I am only cooking 2 plates and gett…

TMI Tuesday ~ Satisfaction(?) ~

I Can’t Get NoSatisfaction 1. From erotica to sex blogs everyone seems to be having intense orgasms. Do you feel like you are experiencing the same intense orgasmic waves everyone talks about?
YEAH!! from cumin on command to getting my clit pierced, and playing with myself 7-8 times a day...(oh wait, I've been doing that for a while) 2. At the beginning of our sexual lives, we are often let down because it feels like nothing in comparison to what we see in films and magazines. Sexual pleasure is something you learn more about as you get older. How have you learned to cultivate the pleasure that you feel?
I just appreciate them more...enjoy them, take time to indulge in the moment, let go... 3. In the last 3 years, has your sexual pleasure: a. waned b. stayed the same c. increased, enhanced, improved
C.  increased, enhanced, improved (although I am not getting any!) 4. If you are feeling much more sexual pleasure than your lover do you feel the need to make up the deficit or just live …

Week 46

Exciting end of the week!
Received one of the highest awards any employee can get in the company with another colleague, I am wowed by it!
A huge blessing!
My intuitive level is getting better, for sometime now I haven't had anything containing fluoride and staying away from meat the most I can.
Not watching much TV, don't get me wrong, I still watch my walking dead and a few things here and there but is not like it used to be, I was a human tv guide, I knew what was playing in every station and the time, I was hooked.
Bought a book 7 Years Younger, reading and taking notes as I go along, some good and helpful stuff in there.

Did my regular routine for Sundays, meditation, corset training and gym with my son, funny kid!!
Now off to do laundry - and we know how I feel about that!!
Hope everyone enjoyed your week!!
Sincerely Yours Aluv

When someone you know reads your blog

A person who I know very well is at this moment reviewing my blog...

I must admit I am swallowing hard, blushing and OMG!!!

We keep going back and forth in text as he is asking me questions about my Owner and I and other little things.

I think he is a bit surprised and taken about this side of me!

**waves to HIM**


Sincerely Yours

Wet all Day LONG!!!

This morning I did my regular routine set forth by my Master Meditation first then is time to cum :)
I usually take a shower before meditating but for the past few days that little ritual has changed a bit.  After my shower as I am drying myself I feel the wetness between my slit, I wipe and wipe and still wet!

I go to the bathroom at work and the wetness still building up.

Let's put the blame where it belongs. My Dear Master See what you cause? What you do to me? the wetness the moist  from a slave in love
Sincerely Yours
His girl



Enjoy the day!
Hump a lot!
I am dry humping for the moment, but soon this will change!!!

Sincerely Yours


SAY HI !!!
I still go lurking on other peoples blog.

waves to all your wonderful people!!
Sincerely Yours Aluv

TMI Tuesday ~Forbidden Fruit~

Forbidden Fruit

People don’t stick to the straight and narrow. Have you seen them stray? 1. Did any teachers in your high school have sex with a student? Did any students act out on a teacher crush?
Not in the US...
Back in DR
we used to get together with our Math teacher (physics, trigonometry, geometry, algebra) to study for finals and we used to get drunk and party while studying, we also paid him on the side of course, it was not for free, and he also helped us study for the other tests like literature, history, religion (yes, we had to study religion) and you know what? we all made it!!
we went clubbing with him and he used to get us in the club illegally since we were all 14 and, I miss my younger days 2. Did any professors at your college (or other post-high school) have sex or other inappropriate relationship, with a student?
nope 3. Have any of your co-workers had an affair with another co-worker?
I would not know... 4. Have you seen hanky-panky between members of a ch…

He says Cum...

and I do

Laying down with him next to me
His hands caressing my skin
His voice torturing me
"Cum my girl
Cum for me"

Ask of me Master
Tell me, and I will do

Sincerely Yours

Week 45 ~new tasks~

Week was great!!
still adjusting to my new addition *clit piercing* loving it and enjoying it.

Playing with myself was a challenge, I can cum without having to touch myself, but I just love that clit stimulation.  My long nails also get in the way when trying to flick, they grow fast, I also have my ways of working around it.

Nipples are still in the process of healing, when I think they are cured I either bump into something or it gets caught with a piece of clothing.  I have to be more careful.

Meditating and a wow

Yoga is a challenge but everything is at the beginning until one gets used to it and is time to move to the next level.  Is all about conquering obstacles.

I started to do corset training a while ago but stopped due to the fact I could not fit it in my schedule but I was told I was to do it every Sunday after mediation and I started this morning.  I was so thrilled to do as I was told that I left it on for 2 hours!
After tightening up the corse we realized (daug…


it is movember!!  wear your mustache for support! since my mustache doesn't grow much I am not going to shave my pussy for the entire month of November!! (read fine prints at the bottom of page)

**unless he tells me that I have to shave

Sincerely Yours

Vaginal Reconstruction

A friend is contemplating in getting a Vaginal Reconstruction done and after the torment I went through when I went to get my clit pierced now I am actually contemplating the same idea.

True story...

Someone I work with (a lady) comes into my room and whispers in my ear "It looks like your pad rolled/slid all the way to the front", I look at her and began laughing hysterically and proceeded to tell her, "I don't have my period, that's all pussy"
For weeks she would look at me and get all red and was a funny moment

My problem is the big bump I have in the front.  Wearing a skirt or pants you can see my huge mound.

I am not the only one like that, this is a family thing, we all have that bulky look to it.
A bit embarrassing when I wear pants and my shirt goes up, people can't help but stare at it as if I had an alien pussy or something coming out of it.

Not a sure thing yet but it is something I am considering for the near future.

I want to be …


TAKEN FROM "I am not Anastasia" Love answering questions... :) PromptedPosted on November 7, 2013
1. Have you ever been arrested?
YES...but was found innocent! do I need to explain?  of course I do!  I was 15, went out with a group of friends, they were shoplifting and since I was in the group I was also charged at the moment, after reviewing the store video and they realized I was just guilty of skipping school that day they called my mother and let me go.   I would've rather been charged with grand larceny because I got the ass whooping of a life time!  2. Do you sleep with a teddy bear?
No, they are too big, one of them will take half my bed just about. 3. Do you know how to shoot a handgun? Favorite manufacturer?
Not much into handguns to be honest, I am not a fan of weapons, but I will contradict myself here because I do love Katanas', swords in general, knives, etc.,  4. Briefs, boxers, panties, thong, granny pants?
my choice would be commando!!
but I am wearing und…

You can do some amazing things with Blogger (link)

BUZZ BLOGGER always have little things we can do to improve our blogging experience, unfortunately I never stop to read them until today.

A follower posted a link "You can do some amazing things with Blogger" and of course I had to follow and read the link.

I have been using blogger since 2010 and I didn't know some of this features even existed!  


Sincerely Yours

How I am feeling

I can't explain how I feel the overwhelming feeling is just that...overwhelming.
A picture is worth a thousand words...

Sincerely Yours

Nipple and Clit piercings and a Slave in love

When a woman falls in love (meaning I) her entire demure changes, it manifests in the way she walks, the way she talks, reacts and even acts :)
For the most part I am a girly girl... I love dressing up Heels - I wear them well I wear a skirt every single day to work - easy access for my playful times *grins* I love to play with my hair and different styles (unless I get lazy that week, usually around PMS and period times)
It doesn't matter how beautiful I dress up for work each day, that certain glow that it is adorning me lately adds a little extra to the entire outfit
I have worn the same outfits for quite a while, but lately it is more noticeable and I get more compliments than usual.
I am in love - I have been for more than 4 years, but each day I fall in love with him all over again. Feeling more submissive (slavish) to him.   If he was in my thoughts before I am at a lost for words nowadays, I can't eve concentrate and most times in lala land/cloud nine.
OH yeah!…

TMI Tuesday ~Eat me~


1. If your sandwich is cut in half on the diagonal, creating two triangles do you bite the hypotenuse or the point?
I will bite the hypotenuse and most likely will not even eat the point...I don't eat the crust from the bread (sliced bread) 2. Dipping a tortilla chip– do you dip the tip or the side of the chip to scoop the dip?
I really never paid attention, I don't dip very often 3. Do you think you drink too much coffee? How much do you drink daily? What is a “cup” of coffee to you–how many ounces/grams?
2 cups daily and usually before noon time, very sensitive to caffeine. 4. Do you take cream in your tea? How many sugars?

what is tea??? 
back to coffee Dunkin Donuts coffee xtra-light with sugar (with a turbo shot)
Bustelo (spanish coffee made at home) with just sugar please!

5. How do you eat a burrito? a. Pick it up with your hands, bite into an end. b. Cut it in half, then pick up one half and eat it. c. Eat it with a fork and knife d. Open the tortilla, eat …