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Busy Season and Grandma Material

Very busy this days but I somehow manage to fit all in my schedule.

I have always been a multi-tasker and that skill has been very handy and helpful this days.

We are planning my oldest daughters' baby-shower and just glad my middle child has taken control of it all and most of the responsibilities, at this point I only need to cook for party - feeding about 150 - 200  people o.O
My daughter is 23 and is about to have her first child and my first grandson.  We are all very excited, a baby in the house!! and a boy to say the least, that is awesome since girls rule in our family.
She has 5 more weeks to go!!!
I am so gonna be the coolest grandmother and gorgeous!!!

I am now Calendar Girl at work, responsible to keep track of company wide events, bring them up in meetings, market them as they come up, and set up any help as needed.
How exciting!!

To say the least...Thanksgiving is around the corner.
Another day of running around.
Just glad that I am only cooking 2 plates and getting together with the sisters and the rest of the family, we are all pitching in for that day, FINALLY!!
I don't have to be responsible for cooking the entire dinner, but not counting my chickens or in this case turkeys, before they hatch...Christmas is around the corner, I know that day I will spend the day in the kitchen and part of the evening...YUP, we go all out for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Starting Sunday I will be taking my sweety MacK to meditation.
This is going to be like a ritual every Sunday (I already have corset training and gym for that day)

It has been a very exciting week so far but extremely busy.
Son is taking a little break from football and only practicing a few days a week until the big game on Thanksgiving day!
go Hillies!!

Kisses and much love to all!!!

Sincerely Yours


Fondles said…
wow. full time wonder-woman!

and gratz on the grandchild!
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you!!
we are all so very excited! seems he is going to come sooner than expected :)))

Anonymous said…
congrats on the grandson and on being Calender Girl
Have a great Thanksgiving
love your blog

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