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His Power & Control over me

Lately I have been feeling his power and control over me, in ways I haven't felt it before.

What are your wearing today?
it is something he has been asking lately, girl needs to get her groove on and actually take more time and look even more flawless than she already does in the mornings.
I realized something when he asked me which I didn't realize until I got to work...this is the same skirt I wore Thursday last week when he asked me the same question.
I brought it up to the girls, I don't like to repeat clothes but so far nobody noticed but me...I hope he didn't notice either.

My mind is already ticking and planning.
What will I wear tomorrow?
Pick nice colors
Make sure I don't repeat clothes.
Hair!!! -- must do my hair in different ways, I get lazy and up in a bun it goes.
Now I am a bit more aware of the situation, specially with him asking "what are you wearing today?"

All I know is that this girl right here wants to look great for her Master all the time, if he tells me to snap a pic I want to be able and ready.
If he tells me to turn on my Skype cause he wants to see me I don't want to have to rush around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to fix myself because at the moment I am not looking my best...and it has happened in the past.

Point I am trying to make is that I need to be more alert.  I am not a consistent person in some areas.
In my opinion, a slave must always look her best for her Owner...but that's my opinion.
I was just telling my Master this morning how great I feel when I walk into a place and head turns to look and admire me, and the only thing that goes through my mind at that moment is "my Master would be so proud knowing his little cumslut is so desire by others" ehehe

He has been asking of me lately, asking me to do things and I love it!

It is easy to follow through when he tells me to do something.  Wanting to please him, do as I am told, making him happy with what I do, I thrive on that.

Meditate he said, and I did, became part of me, my routine, I can't go a day without doing it, and although I am the one getting the benefits of it, it is a reminder each time I get on my knees that I am there because he told me to do so.
amazing huh?

Now...if he only would demand me to go to the gym and do corset training...LMAO!!

What a great day it is!
I woke up this morning feeling I was in a dream...
Things we discussed, well, things he discussed with me, fact my nipples and clit are pierced...Is this all a dream?

Power and Control over me

Sincerely Yours


little said…
Sounds like you are floating on a control.
you are a lucky girl
C Stag said…
I don't get it Aluv.
Did I miss something?
or did the Dutch Dude come back into the picture recently?
If he did, you'll seriously have to explain it to me sometime!
AtiyaLuv said…
I am on cloud nine and beyond, and i do adore the control part!! more than I would like to admit.
and yes!!! I do consider myself a very lucky girl

ma'loooove!! did I forget to tell you???
a blessing in disguise :))
I will put you up on that
*grins ever so wide*

C Stag said…
yes. you forgot to tell me.
shoot me an email.
and explain yourself.

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