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Master's Weekend Birthday *my virgin ass* (part 3)

- Up for more than 24 hours (knowingpankss about to be with him after all this time, was enough for me not to sleep)
- A 7 hour plane ride
- Jet lag
- Making a stop at our special place
- The almost 1.5 hr ride to the rental
- Anticipating the moment of our sensual, sexual, erotic encounter
- Quite a few orgasms later and a few incredible hours of love making
........and before I realized it I was out like a light until the next day.

Masters ability to fuck me, and drain me never fails, and after he is done with me I usually nap for about 3-4 hours.

It was very nice of him to allow me to sleep the entire night, recuperate and get all of my energy back, I had a feeling I was going to need it!

When I woke up that morning I turn to notice he was not next to me, I reached over to the side grabbing my cell phone to look at the time and I notice there is a cup of coffee and a saucijzenbroodje waiting for me with a note...

I'm smiling reading the note rushing to eat and have my coffee, sitting at the edge of the bed bouncing in excitement.  
I quickly shower, 
rubbed lotion all over, 
brushed and styled my long, soft hair, 
reached in the suitcase pulling out the corset that is nicely wrapped to preserve it, snap it in place pulling the string as tight as possible making my waist smaller each time I pull harder on the string.
I can't barely breath, my breasts are almost at the bottom of my chin and bending down has become a challenge.
Placing the phone next to me by the edge of the bed as I knelt to keep track of the time.

Felt I was kneeling for a very long time, my legs were getting numb and I was becoming fidgety.

I hear the door from the room, I fix myself quickly, spread my legs as wide as I can, my hands resting on my knees, chest arched forward like a peacock and trying to look flawless for him.

He makes his way in the room, I kept lifting my head up not knowing if I should  make eye contact, he takes a sit on the bed next to me pushing my phone aside, setting a book bag on the floor by his feet and leans down to kiss my forehead.

Master:     "you been looking at the time?"

I nod with a smile

Master:    "tsk tsk, very impatient girl, next time when I tell you to wait, I want you to meditate until I arrive"

I nod once again, can't seem to speak, so nervous, I don't know what he planned for today but I am sure there are some treats in that bag-pack of his.

He unzips it looking inside it and lifting his head to look at me with a smirk on his lips....He pulls out a turian collar, wrist and ankle bracelets to match setting it next to each other on the bed, my eyes widen when I see such beautiful and perfect accessories, my eyes follow the movements of his hands digging in the bag; two glass butt plugs, one bigger than the other, a small crop, some rings that I believe it was to connect the wrist and ankle bracelets, and other goodies I could not see well until last but not least he pulls out a long, black silk rope which made my pussy squirm at the moment.

Master:     "bracelet"

As soon as I hear his command I place my hands behind my back crossing my wrist over and waiting for the next command.
He stands in front of me, leans down lifting my head by my chin and I see the collar in his hand, he puts it around my neck locking it in place and setting a wonderful tender kiss on my lips.  I wanted to cry but held it back for the moment, I wanted to record the moment for it was something I waited for so long

Master:     "you know that it will never come off, unless I remove it"

I follow his hand in which he was holding the key in, he places it with the rest of his keys, the pride that took over me was overwhelming, I place both my hands on the collar around my neck touching it, using the tip of my fingers to trace it, a huge smile adorning my lips.

Master:     "hands behind your back love"

Quickly I place my hands behind my back once again

girl:            "sorry Master I just got a bit excited there a moment"

Master walks around me with the wrist and ankle rings on his hands, I feel the cold steel been placed on my wrist and ankles and locking them in place, I also feel some pulling and tugging and suddenly he walks around to face me squatting infront of me.

Master:     "bring your hands forward"

When I tried to move my hands forward I am unable to do so, my wrists are locked in place, my heartbeat becomes erratic, my legs and wrists are locked in place.
He helps me get on my feet, sitting at the edge of the bed with me in-front, his hands inspecting my skin, his fingers pinching and pulling on my nipple rings, gliding his hand up and down my skin, placing his hand on each side of my thin waist from the corset, he turns me around, pulls on the corset strings making it tighter, I gasp, the tightness of it makes my pussy even more wet.

He reaches over to the side, grabs a chain in his hands clips one end to the left nipple ring, then the right, extending it down and clipping the last one to the clit ring.  His hands caressing and gliding over my body admiring the work he has done.

He takes the black silk rope in his hand folding it in two, places it around my neck and begins to do some rope work on me, something he always wanted to do.
I stay still as he bends me over in comfortable and uncomfortable positions taking pictures of me, didn't matter, I was happy to oblige and even helping with the poses.

When he feels satisfied of the work he had done he bends me over the bed, my knees resting on the cold floor and even more excited for what he was about to do.
He sits next to me rubbing my ass, talking to me, telling me how beautiful I looked restrained, with the rope and the accessories he had put on me.

He spanks my right cheek
I gasp enjoying the sting,
He spanks my left cheek
again, I gasp, the sting feels absolutely wonderful

again and again he continues to spank me, each set feeling harder and harder, he stands up pulling out his belt, making sure I see him doing it, my breathing stops for a second, I don't think he is actually going to hit me with a belt.
is he?
and he did.

He folds the belt standing next to me and lets go
I scream, and before I know it I am feeling the belt again and again hit my ass.
the pain becoming unbearable, tears running out, I bury my face on the mattress so he would not hear me scream or cry, he stops leaning down telling me in a soft voice

Master:     "turn your face, I want to hear you scream and I want to see you cry."

I turn my face, resting my cheek on the mattress screaming each time i felt the belt hit my skin.  I am not used to this, the pain, I can't remember the last time I was inflicted any type of physical pain, come to think about it the last time I was about 11 or 12 years of age.
He stops, but I still feel the pain and the sting on my skin.  He helps me up holding me in his arms while I still cry and whimper burying my face in his chest cavity

girl:            "I'm sorry my Master, I am not used to the pain"

He caresses my hair, kissing the top of my head talking gently and been understanding

Master:     "you will get used to it in time baby."

He lays me facing down on the bed still completely restrained and at his mercy.  Admiring the marks on my ass cheeks once again he grabs the camera and takes pictures of his work, admiring the welts left behind by the belt.  I stay still laying down watching him play with me like a little kid on Christmas morning.
He checks on the ropes, the bracelets, and the corset...his hands gliding down my legs and in between them reaching all the way down to the ankle bracelets as he releases them spreading my legs to expose my wet pussy.

His fingers gliding up and down from my slit all around to my ass, I moan at his touch, he reaches down again pulling and tugging gently on my clit ring.
I feel him positioning himself in between my legs and suddenly I scream sinking my nails into the mattress when without any notice he shoves his hard cock in my tight, wet, pulsating, and swollen hole.
He pumps hard in me, groaning, his hands on each side of my hips

Master:     "cum my sweet slut"

Like music to my ears and since I have been trained to cum on command, he has not even finished the sentence when I am already squirming, panting and shivering cumin all over his hard cock.

Master:     "keep cumin!"

Multiple orgasms, my juices dripping down while he drives his cock in and out of me.
I collapse and he lays on me pumping slower and slower...he takes his manhood out of my pussy sliding it in between my ass cheeks placing it on the opening of my virgin hole...he pushes in slowly, my eyes widen

girl:           "no, no Papi, what are you doing?"

My heart was raising and I was scared

He kept pushing in, kissing on my neck and biting slowly on my shoulders, his arms reaching around me, embracing me as he pushes inside me, I felt the pain shoot from my ass to the back of my spine but the pleasure of pleasing him was more powerful.
His hard cock spreading and filling my virgin ass, thrusting in and out slowly at first then picking up the pace, his hand reaching over playing with my clit, placing a finger in my pussy, with his other hand he grabs my hair pulling my head back, his lips next to my ear and he says

Master:     "cum my little cumslut"

Spasms, shivering, my skin full of goosebumps as my pussy tightens around his finger, pushing my ass back to fill it with his cock, I scream as I cum calling out his name, he presses his body against mine holding me down on the bed as he pushes deeper in me, his cock becoming harder as Master is about to cum.  
He grunts and groans pumping hard in me, as he cums filling me tight ass with his juices and until he had no more strength to fuck me at that moment.

He collapses on top of me rolling to the side looking up at the ceiling trying to catch his breath.
I lay next to him with my arms still bound behind me with the wrist bracelets and rope.

Thinking he is going to release me when he has recuperated I wait like a good girl.

He stands up grabbing a towel and makes his way to the bathroom, I hear the shower going, I can't believe he left me there and has not even bothered to take the restrains off.
He dries off, puts on some lotion, puts his underwear on and lays next to me

girl:            "ehrr, yeaaaah, how about me?"

Master:     "what about you?"  arches his brow when he looks at me

girl:            "can you please take all this stuff off so I can clean up too?"

Master:     "why would I want to do that?"

girl:            "Paaapii, so I can clean up, and I am a bit uncomfortable, cant breath and I want to nap too"

He leans over, kisses my forehead and lays his head back down on the pillow

Master:     "you can nap now if you like, and I like to see you like this, you look beautiful"

He looks into my eyes....

Master:     "cum for me baby"

I close my eyes feeling my body writhing, shivering, the inside of my pussy swelling up and throbbing as I begin to cum again at his command.
He loves to see my reaction, he knows he is the only one that can say that to me and make me cum and he enjoys his power over me.

Inhaling and exhaling, body weak, I can't keep my eyes open, and although I am so uncomfortable I was too weak to even bother.

It was no longer uncomfortable, I concentrated on the pain and sting coming from my ass cheeks and hole, his cum dripping out of me, and the fact that he was watching me as I fell asleep

What more can a girl ask for?


Mmm I enjoyed this. Haha I remember when I was an anal virgin....i screamed bloody murder when Daddy fucked me in that hole, now I love it. I'm so happy for you; your a collared slave...(yay) lol
AtiyaLuv said…
This are still fantasies at the moment, but soon to be a reality! I can't wait... Looking forward to my future.

Dreams about to come true.

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