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TAKEN FROM "I am not Anastasia"

Love answering questions...


1. Have you ever been arrested?
YES...but was found innocent! do I need to explain?  of course I do!  I was 15, went out with a group of friends, they were shoplifting and since I was in the group I was also charged at the moment, after reviewing the store video and they realized I was just guilty of skipping school that day they called my mother and let me go.  
I would've rather been charged with grand larceny because I got the ass whooping of a life time! 
2. Do you sleep with a teddy bear?
No, they are too big, one of them will take half my bed just about.
3. Do you know how to shoot a handgun? Favorite manufacturer?
Not much into handguns to be honest, I am not a fan of weapons, but I will contradict myself here because I do love Katanas', swords in general, knives, etc., 
4. Briefs, boxers, panties, thong, granny pants?
my choice would be commando!!
but I am wearing undies now a days...I wear and have from thongs all the way to granny pants...the granny one is for when I have my period since I use Always infinity and it goes from my bellybutton to the crack of my ass...
5. Do you have a type?
Tall (6 ft+), not skinny, bald (no hair at all on his head)...LMAO, I just realized I am talking about a certain someone (Master)
6. Current crush?
Always Johnny Depp and of course my Master since I met him. 
7. First memory?
When I was two I remember and never forgotten I fell and had a cut under my chin, they gave me two stitches and after the Dr was done he gave me a lollipop 
8. How many languages can you speak?
Spanish - Fluent
English - with an accent
Dutch - I am trying but all those gggrr sounds are so confusing...
French - just a few sentences and I can understand a lot of it
9. Do you keep your partner awake at night by talking in your sleep or snoring?
I would not know, the last time I slept and woke up with a guy was in 2007
10. Do you have any allergies?
Not that I am aware of...most people think I am afraid of bees because I run as soon as I see one.  I am not allergic to them, but I am not staying around either to find out!
11. Do you know any martial arts?
Tai chi Qigong 
12. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
as long as I am with him it will be the perfect place
13. Ever kissed a member of the same sex? Would you like to?
I have but was more for curiosity
14. What is your sign?
Born Dec 28th, very close to Sagittarius but I am a Capricorn, I have trades from both but Capri reigns more in me 
15. Favorite book from your childhood?
Nacho - which is the book we use in DR to learn to read and write, 1st and 2nd grade, the first grade book have a rhyme that we had to learn for mothers day, I still know that rhyme :)

The outsiders - First book I read from start to finish in English. I was a freshman in high school and our English teacher gave us the book to read and do a book report on it, she also made us watch the movie which became one of my fave movies from the 80's.  Did you see the cast in the movie!?

Sincerely Yours


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