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Week 45 ~new tasks~

Week was great!!
still adjusting to my new addition *clit piercing* loving it and enjoying it.

Playing with myself was a challenge, I can cum without having to touch myself, but I just love that clit stimulation.  My long nails also get in the way when trying to flick, they grow fast, I also have my ways of working around it.

Nipples are still in the process of healing, when I think they are cured I either bump into something or it gets caught with a piece of clothing.  I have to be more careful.

Meditating and a wow

Yoga is a challenge but everything is at the beginning until one gets used to it and is time to move to the next level.  Is all about conquering obstacles.

I started to do corset training a while ago but stopped due to the fact I could not fit it in my schedule but I was told I was to do it every Sunday after mediation and I started this morning.  I was so thrilled to do as I was told that I left it on for 2 hours!
After tightening up the corse we realized (daughter and I) that I need a smaller one.  It closed all the way and it is not suppose to, it is not even a year old and I have not used it that much.
That is what I'm giving myself for my bday, a new corset.

I also went to the gym.  It had been a few months and it felt a bit odd going in, but once I was in there I couldn't stop, elliptical, a bit of weights for toning up, I just worked my entire body and I have this energy I can't stop moving.

Laundry! oh dear Laundry - why don't we just have disposable outfits?  just a thought...

Getting ready for a new week and a snow storm or just snow midweek, really? will have to leave the house extra early, seems like New Englanders' forget we get snow in the winter and they turn into the worse drivers.

Next two weeks are going to be busy ones, planning a baby shower and Thanksgiving around the corner.  Wowsers!!

Conversations and moments with him still lingering in my thoughts :)

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves!

I notice tons of people are already putting their Christmas tree up, I always do it the day after thanksgiving but this year is rather late.
Wondering what theme this year...
Is your tree up yet? or do you think is too early?

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
nice nails
enjoy the upcoming week
love your blog
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you slave sindee!!
you have a marvelous week!!
Betsy T said…
They look beautiful! I've thought about a clit piercing myself so I will be curious to hear how it feels after it heals. I got a nipple piercing about 9 months ago, I've had to get it re-pierced twice because my stud or ring came out. Ouch!

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