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week 47 ~blessed week~

The week was long and now filled with a ton of responsibilities at work, took some time last night and wrote a bunch of events to present and follow through.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a challenge, I need to stay busy and constantly working on new things, getting involved and learning.  I guess this is my time to get things going and do something about some of the social skills I have.

The week did not end too well.
Got into a minor fender bender, trust me, my car looks worse than hers, she only had tiny white paint marks, it was stressing because I kept explaining to her that we didn't need to call he cops that we needed to exchange information and that was it, but she insisted, the cop came and told her the same thing *rolling my eyes here*

Had the babyshower for my first born!
about to have her first baby and moving back home for a few months to get some help the new auntie, uncle and me, the grandmother :))
She looked awesome!!

As you can tell, all my sisters are extremely happy except one, she still sees my daughter as a baby, our baby.
I had my daughter when I was 15, my sister was 8, basically my daughters are not only their nieces but their little sisters and babies, LOL...

Ended the week with some great meditation!
took my friend Jeanne to her first session and she enjoyed it, and taking her next week, unfortunately she can't assist to the advance ones I attend during the week, but little by little she can get there.  It took me almost three years, and still they say it was way too fast, that it is unbelievable!!

I look so haute for a grandmother!

Doing great with Yoga
My corset training is going awesome and thinking of adding an extra day, but I also need to replace the one I have for a smaller size.
Gym went well, just cardio today, 2 hours on the elliptical and plenty of sweat :)

Brought some great snack to work, I usually have some of it in the afternoon, when we are having some downtime, I also have some chocolate Lindt pistachios (faints) - they are not so healthy for you *grins*

We are blessed, we bonded bonded tightly thanks to the new bundle of joy who will be joining our family in a few weeks.

And in a few months we are going to be blessed again with another bundle of joy! LOL, my brother is having his first baby, yaaay, another trip for me to California in May!! *grins even wider*

from my last trip
Overwhelmingly great

I am sure I can come up with more, but those were the first things that came up from the top of my head and I don't want to force it out, I want them to flow out :)

Time to hit the sheets!
it is freezing here
and probably a huge storm heading this way for Wednesday

Sincerely Yours


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