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Week 52 My birthday and Christmas

For those of us who have a birthday around Christmas time really sucks.

I can't speak for anyone else but I can speak for myself, I really dislike my birthday and I never look forward to it.

Since I was a little girl my birthday always got lost between celebrating Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years.
Not to mention I had to share birthday parties with my cousin who was born a few days after me.

I really don't have memories of a good birthday, last year was good, but too heart broken to appreciate everything that went on, that's my own fault.

I understand is up to me to get up and have fun, make it happen, but I can't help jut to feel this way. 
For 5 years in a row I was sick for my bday, my separation was around that day too, seems a lot of bad things happen around that day, oh yes, my grandfather died 2 weeks before my bday...

Yesterday I slept all day, had an argument with the XHusband, my bank account is frozen because some suspicious purchases online, yup, is a challenge.
What a birthday huh??

I did get a cute gift
Nipple rings!

The beginning of the week was fabulous, busy, much going on and no time to think, by the end of the week much is a blur and I can't wait for the new year to begin and leave this few last days behind.

I do have work tomorrow but not going in, have much to do, and prepare for.

2013 was great!
2014 is going to be magnificent!

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
Happy New Year Aluv, This is a tough time of year for everyone seems to have a loved one who passed this during this season. Both of my parents passed in December. Blessings to those memories. As for birthdays you could have mine which is in Feb, i really don't like birthdays. For a bunch of reasons. So try to enjoy each and every day.
Have a wonderful and healthly New year
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you so much slave sindee!
I am truly sorry about your losses around this time of year as is a very hard month..


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