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Week 49 ~Inevitable changes~

Things are going well with the daughter and mate moving in, but a bit of hostility from people who do not even count in this equation, and while I dismiss them, go about my business for they are not important and their opinion does not matter, I have people from my family that actually care too much what others say or think and with that I do have a little problem with.

I made it clear I do not want to be bothered with bullshit or gossip.

Some people should take up meditation, it will help not only quiet their mind, but their mouth too!

Work has been work, it was a bit hectic this week and a lot of tension, people are really in off moods, and snappy, and the complaints flying left and right, really?
Meetings, and tons of back and forth over a rug and what to do to keep preventing that from happening.  Walking back and forth with a notepad in hand accessing the situation, looking around inspecting the rooms as trying to assess where the source of it all began.
I hope they managed to make a corporate decision on that.

I am giving myself until my son graduates high school to make a career change and venture.

And yes, I am moving and looking to see where that move is going to be at.
Before the building goes on foreclosure the landlord decided to sell, and with that the pain in the arse of having to pack and move.
I don't mind the change, what I mind is having to pick up and pack all the crap I have accumulated for years while in this little place, I actually don't mind unpacking and the decorating, and finding a place for everything, that's the fun part.
Thinking of going more north, NH here I come!

Yoga and meditation help a lot to keep me balanced, always calmed, and even when I get angry it never lasts long enough, I need to learn to get rid of anger all together.
Adjusting my body to this new yoga thing, ouch!! nuf said.

I am wearing bandaids to help with the barbells, they are kicking my ass and getting caught with my shirts, and bra, so painful!

Still having my fun in the bathroom at work, oh naughty me *grins*
Cant't help it
I have those days that I feel so bothered and horny, my only release is cumin.

First snow, was Friday - Saturday...just a bit, by 9am there was no more snow on the ground.
Today is freezing!!
and expecting a snow storm this week...but it is suppose to change to water when it hits our area but it has been really hitting parts of the US with as much as 13 feet of snow!
Glad it will change by the time it gets here, my tires are not that great...I see public transportation in my near future.

Our little friends, we also have turkeys on the property and we protect them.  Better not even get any ideas LOL.  Adorable!  There are three more but they are on the other side, too lazy to cross the road.

Wishing all a wonderful week!

Looking forward to the weeks ahead, should be interesting.

Sincerely Yours


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