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A special weekend and 20+ Orgasms

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 (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•         

Friday Night

It was amazing
spending time with him is perfect on its own
Him telling me to cum on his command and my body reacting each time - Priceless

Fell asleep and not sure exactly at what time it happened, passed out cold
Happens each time I spend time with him.
Just like after each time he makes love to me, knocks me right out for hours.

A day in which I felt like a bucket overflowing with emotions, smiling, giggling, practically bouncing off the walls, needless to say that I was also horny, turned on, I wanted to tare off my clothes and cum, keep cumin until I fell asleep.

and not too far from the truth *grins*

Saturday, very early in the morning

We have a certain connection, I don't know what it is or how to explain it but we feel each other, I can sense him.
I woke up and reached for the phone, my heart beating fast as I held it in my  hand and a message from him comes in...within 20 minutes in the conversation I had three orgasms and still wanted more.

I told him how naughty I was feeling
How I wanted to take pictures
He told me to take some nice pictures for him
then tells me to put on his collar, he didn't have to tell me twice, by the time he finished the sentence I had it locked in place, haaa, speedy gonzalez have nothing on me!!
"I like to see my slut in my collar"
and those words mmmmmmmmm so sweet
and I came once more

I don't know what it is about wearing that piece but it brings a certain sensation all over my body and I melt.

I kept on snapping pics but the most delicious was when he asked me to send him pictures of my wet pussy...and then he said what every woman loves to hear "you have a gorgeous pussy" even writing it now brings chills up and down my spine and a smile I cant contain...

"You have a pen nearby?"

and of course I do...

"Write above your pussy who you cum so much for?"
and I do

We played a little game last year in which I was to write his name on my body each time I came and he asked me to do it again, I laughed, it is fun to play such games with him and I, it is our thing.

"cum again my little slut"
and I do

I was weak, I couldn't keep my eyes open

"now get some sleep my love? he says

I asked him if I could sleep with the collar on and he said I could!!

Out like a light before I realized it, didn't have to make an effort, wish it was like this most nights.

4 hours later waking up to him, wow, what a delicious treat! my day keeps getting better.

Once again, taunting me with words, things he says that he knows will trigger those sensations that will lead me into an orgasm.

Spent a few more hours together, by the time I hit the shower to take off the coloring of my hair and shave from neck to toes I had his name written all over 7 times, when I came out I had to re-write them, only this time I had to write it 8 times instead, oh naughty girl!

I had time to do things around the house and cum a few more times

We were online for a very long time and we were soooo naughty *grins* yeah and more orgasms followed.

Around 8:30 I went to bed, watch a bit of tv and cum as I was told to do "cum a few more times before you go to bed for me"
He tries to push my limit and he is so good at it because he knows I am going to comply and do as I am told.

To say the least I was asleep by 9 pm, I am still wowed.
me? sleeping at that time? on a Saturday night?  that is some twilight zone situation!

It was the most peaceful sleep I've had in a very long time.


again, the connection
I open my eyes and there it is a message coming in from him, I laugh, I feel my body tingling and I respond.

"awake so early?"

should I tell him?
would he believe me if I tell him? I felt him!

He asked me "how many times is my name on your body now?  I turned the lights on and proceeded to count, 12 times o.O

His respond
"guess that makes you an official cumslut now"

of course that gets us both very turned on and we proceed to have and amazing time together and say things to me that he once again know what the product of that will be.

This time he did not allow me to cum when I wanted to, he made me hold it, he made me wait!! noooo that was not the plan, orgasm control is something I am not good at, I am ok with not cumin but when I am on the verge of cumin and I am made to stop!?
oh gosh that was intense! and he did it 3 times!
each time the orgasms getting more powerful.

Before he logged off he tells me that starting at 9 am I was to cum on the hour every hour and write to him each time I did.

I was so happy, he is giving me a task! I get excited when he asks me to do things, pleasing him, mmmmm I take such pride in doing what he tells me.

Each time I came I wrote him a note of what I was doing, what it was going through my thoughts, the reaction of my body.
He didn't asked me for the details, but somehow I wanted him to enjoy what I was feeling, what I was experiencing.
and he did

Who knew an hour was such a short period of time?
at least between orgasms

Each hour that went by I became weaker and weaker
The spasms lasted longer, my pussy contracted for longer, it was taking longer to recuperate, by the time I was able to breath normally it was already 20 minutes into the hour.

After the 5th hour I was going to ask him if I could stop, but like always, even before I asked he already knew and told me I could, that I needed to rest.
Good, I didn't know how I was going to be able to keep it up much longer.

He told me to rest
and I did

Woke up to make dinner, quiet, very mellow, my kids thinking my potassium level are low again went out and bought me tons of banana, if they would only know the real reason why I was so weak and looked like I needed a long, oooh naughty me!

I was told I needed to take a little break from cumin this week.  To keep the routine I have going in the morning and that was it.

At the moment because I am exhausted it didn't hit me about what he said, not cumin, only in the morning after meditation, and I was am ok with it...
but what will happen next week when I get turned on and would like to make one of those little run to the bathroom?

what an amazing weekend!
After doing a total count of how many times I came...22

That is a weeks' worth

I love every minute I spend with him
He makes me feel things I never thought possible

Best of all
this weekend really showed the connection we have
then again...
it happens often between him and I

Sincerely Yours


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