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Fantasies that do not cease

** I can't stop thinking of him

She makes everything perfect for his arrival, his comfy chair, to the right a table with his favorite red wine and a glass next to it.  His cigars in a wooden box to keep them fresh; a small tool to cut the tips off and a box of matches to light them at the end, when he has done his deed with his girl.

Freshly bathed, paying attention to the time she makes her way to the special room, where he will be meeting her soon, she is already nervous, happens each time she sees him, each time he came home, that butterfly feeling in her tummy and that happy feeling she can't control.

She reaches for the leash and latches it to the O ring, strips naked to wait for him, kneeling in nadu position in front of the chair, feeling fidgety, time seems to go slow, she kept looking at the clock and the hands were going back instead of forward, at least that is how it felt like.
Suddenly the front door closes and she hears the footsteps leading to the bedroom, she smiles knowing he will be pleased with his clothes waiting for him ready on the bed.
She hears the shower getting even more excited because soon he will be there before her, alert listening to everything that he is doing, everything that is going on beyond the doors to that special room. 

Shower stops, and from that point she does not hear much until the door opens.
She leaps off the floor and runs to him, and glad the chain is long enough to reach
She wraps her arms around his neck, he lifts her up by her bare ass smiling, pleased to see her
Neither one could contain the excitement of seen each other, they kiss, they hold in a tight embrace as if the last time they saw each other was so long ago, yet it had only been that morning.

He places her down gently, and makes his way to his chair, asks her to stand in front him to look at her.
She stands there smiling, he smiled back and tells her to get in nadu, down to the floor in position she goes.

He reaches to the table on the side, opens a little drawer pulling out a 1/4 inch thick rope, he plays with it while looking at her, that entices her, turns her on, his eyes follow the leash in her collar, down between her breasts, down the happy trail to the sweet opening of her slit.

The way he looks at her is so tantalizing she begins to crawl towards him, dragging the chain along the floor, her eyes fixed on his, sliding her hands on his legs she reaches over to the hem if his pant sliding out his cock using one hand.
She kisses the tip a few times, he leans back to watch the act, she is now using both hands to caress and assist in worshiping his cock.
Dragging her tongue on the sides, and around to the tip, feeling each vein along the way, feeling her mouth watery, she once again repeats the deed, sliding her tongue around dick, getting a feel of his soft skin, the way it grows in her hands, what an amazing treat.

He grabs her hair pulls her head back, then leads her mouth slowly to the tip of his cock shoving it all the way in, he pulls her head up, then guides her down, watching the motions of her lips, watching how his member disappears in her mouth each time he brings her head down.  He let's go allowing her to take over, placing both her hands at the rim, following his lead, moaning, slurping, wishing for his cream,
Slipping it out of her mouth, she continues to jerk him off while her lips kiss and suck on his inner thighs down to his balls, licking and sucking on them gently, playing with them, burying her face in them, feeling her pussy squirming.

She goes back to suck his dick, he reaches in grabbing her by the wrist, he gently whispers 
"continue what you are doing, I'll stop you when I'm ready"
She continues to suck, as he places the rope around one of her wrist, her eyes widen when he reaches for the other hand, placing them together and tied behind her back, he slips his cock out of her mouth, turning her around, holds her head down gently on the floor, checking the binds again making sure they are tight

He grabs her by the hips, lifting it to the right height for him
Wrapping a chunk of her hair around his hand, he pulls it back as he enters her sweet cunt, spreading her walls, stretching them as he pumps in and out of her, pulling her hair even further back, he hears her moan, he hears scream, with each thrust, and the slapping of his balls against her clit, her knees begin to slide to the side, as he pulls her hair further back, with his free hand his grabs her tied wrists, this time he is pumping her forcefully, he commands her to cum right there for him, and begins to feel her cunt clenching around his dick.  Panting, squirming, and shivering under him, gripping her hair tighter as he is about to release, he pulls out, turns her around, putting his dick in her mouth to receive, his juices, his sweet seed. She takes it all the way in and cleans his cock from the tip to the rim, around the perineum, his balls and his inner thighs, making sure there is nothing, no residue behind. 

His hand caressing her back, his finger trailing along her spine, slowly he reaches her wrists, releasing the binds leaving the perfect marks of the ropes on her skin.  He studies them, brings her hands up to his lips, kissing the marks, then looking at her placing a kiss on her forehead.

He gets on his feet and turns to his chair, she crawls next to him until she reaches his lap.
She stands and serves his wine
Places a cigar on his lips, takes a match and lights the tip
Once it is on she returns to his feet
Lays her head on his lap and maybe fall asleep


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