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TMIT Delve into the Dungeon

Delve into the Dungeon

dungeonNot familiar with a lot of bdsm or kink terms? Click on links and use glossary of terms – click here
You are headed out for a night of kinky exploration in the TMI dungeon… Which are you most likely to do:
mistress_boots1. At the Cock ‘n’ Ball torture (cbt) station, are you more likely to be a sadist doing the ball busting & twisting or are you more likely to have your balls beaten?

since I don't have balls I would not run into this situation.  I am not a sadist, and don't think of myself a masochist, I probably be the one doing the watching and/or the peeping!!!
2. The TMI dungeon has a “bedroom” with a window to the world where anyone in the dungeon can watch you having sex. Which will you be, the voyeur watching people have sex or the exhibitionist in the bed getting it on hot ‘n’ heavy?

I love watching! Do I ever!!
3. You need a stereotypical outfit to wear to the dungeon. Which will you wear?
Top:  Spiked collar or leather chest harness?
Bottom:  Ass-less chaps or leather thong

After following the link and viewing their options, I went out to look for more options
my faves!

4. Time for some impact play. Which would you prefer? Why? woman and crops
Pick one from each set.
Set 1:  flogger or whip? 
Set 2:  paddle or bare-handed spanking?
Set 3:  cane or crop?

I can't pick one just yet, NEVER been spanked and it is something I am actually looking forward to.
They all sound delicious at the moment, I am sure when the time comes my Owner may opt to use all of them at first, or at least the ones he prefers and from there see which one he fancies most.
I just can't wait until it does happen (careful what we wish for huh?)
5. Bondage. You have the choice of being restrained and mercilessly ‘used’ by a fucking machine (pic1pic2) while others watch or being strapped to St. Andrews cross and touched, groped, tickled, and made to tingle by strangers visiting the dungeon on this evening. What’s your pleasure? Why?
I will go with St. Andrews cross.  
I rather be touched, groped, tickled (not so much) and made to tingle by strangers. (I do hope they have plenty of hand sanitizer available for people prior to touching me)
The thought of been fucked by a machine is not that arousing to me unless it is a robot made to look and feel real with some "fucking" human emotions.

Bonus: At work, whom do you most resemble?
a. Dominant/Mistress/Top
b. Submissive/bottom
c. A switch
d. naughty boy/girl aka brat

I am a mix of A and D
I'm in charge, the one to go to, problem solver, and while doing it I am naughty, bratty and fun about it!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblogfrom your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sincerely Yours


JustLikeHeaven said…
That outfit is too cute. I would wear that too.
isn't "switch" a great word? it's so fun to pronounce. i used that same robot love pic in a post i did about those Amazon drones.

happy Super Bowl :)

AtiyaLuv said…
:)) great taste!!

@the late phoenix
smart ass!! lmao S W I T C H!
Pronounced it and it didn't help much!
I am the Dominant at work, naughty and bratty but in charge, my word is the law (until my boss lays down her own law)
Sammi said…
Love the pics, especially to #3!

Happy TMI!
Anonymous said…
1. ...but let's say you DO have balls. Since you are not a sadist I guess you would get your cock and balls in a knot. lol

3. Nice option but you don't belong in a chastity belt. I'm putting you in a leather chest harness and thong.

All to highlight our assets. ;-)

4. You are rather indecisive this week...No matter. You need a spanking.

5. bwhahahaha...hand sanitizer. Yea, you're so like me, in that respect.

Bonus: We've seen proof of your naughtiness at work.

Happy TMI Tuesday


Jon Pressick said…
Naughty, bratty in other words...the fun one!

And those behind-the-back cuff sets...TO DIE FOR!
Kazi G said…
I like your choice of outfits :)
And yes, I am often told to be careful what I wish for!

Happy TMIT!

~Kazi xxx
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you :)

1. I did mention i was not a masochist :-p
3. Love what you picked out for me to wear *blushes*
4. I will not be so indecisive if I knew what each felt like and then I can make a choice *grins* I do need a spanking! (how can you tell?)
5. yes I am!!
Bonus - LMAO! we build great relationships here!

yeees!! I am the fun one at work!! haha, and I love every minute of it, when I am not around it is felt on both floors!
and thank you :)

I loved the outfits!
I know exactly what I am wishing for, so far they are all coming true!!!!

Thank you all!!


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