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Up the back alley - Anal sex

I am a virgin - let me rephrase that, I have a virgin ass.

It has been licked but nothing has ever gone inside, not even a finger!

My Master has been buying things for when I am with him and one of the items he purchased was a beginners anal plug.  
I was am excited about it and looking forward to getting my anal cherry popped but I have a few concerns and would love to put my mind at ease so please, advice is needed, your feedback will be so appreciated.

I am concerned because of all the stories I have heard.  
Over a decade ago a friend asked me what she should give her boyfriend for Valentines day because she was broke, I suggested that she gives up the ass.  Valentines day came and went and didn't hear from her.  Several days later we are talking and asked her how that went, she sat me down and began to tell me that all was going well at the very beginning but when he pushed it in she fainted because of the pain.  I got really scared when she told me how painful it was and how she was afraid to use the bathroom for a few days.
She goes on and on about how horrible it was only to tell me at the end of the conversation that they decided to give it another try and she loved it!
After she got me so scared my butt shrank even more.

My other concern...harder to discuss and bring up but I am doing it, I need to know!

Has anyone ever gotten dirty?
I mean, it is an asshole after all, we all know what comes out of there
That is my biggest fear, that my Master is doing me and I get him dirty, I will be so embarrassed if something like this happens.
But I have been told it is to be expected

Any way of preventing this from happening?

Sincerely Yours


lil said…
Anal is one of those things that I have a love/hate relationship with.
If you're trying to avoid pain as much as possible, the slower he goes in, the better.

On the issue of cleanliness, enemas are your friend!

Master's piece has a lot of anal "stuff"
flying solo said…
Lil is right.. and lots of lubrication. LOTS of it !

Good luck, can't wait to hear how it goes.
Anonymous said…
I didn't enema for awhile. He took my ass, and sure got dirty as He went to the restroom, water was turned on. Etc. Now I enema because I want to be clean.

Slow! Really slow! You want to "push" while He is entering. Relax. Breathe. All fours it hurts for me. If I'm on my stomach He "body surfs" it's better. Oh, you on top is good too. You can control more.
mc kitten said…
I don't use an enema, it really doesn't bother him if his cock gets a bit dirty, he just cleans it off after with some baby wipes that we have by the bed.

And I would say - go slow. Really really slow! Just get used to him teasing you with finger first, maybe try a small plug first, and when he first uses his cock he needs to be careful and depending on your size and the length of his cock, maybe not push all of it all the way into you.

Also, do lots and lots and LOTS of foreplay first, and you should be very aroused and relaxed - that helps too. Someone - can't remember who - once suggested doing it with you on top of him in cowboy, and that's definitely less deep and ouchy.

Once you're over the first time and in particular, the initial push in, it can be utterly amazing, so good luck!
Anonymous said…
From a mans point of view:

I have gotten dirty once, it was not the best thing however it was not a planned thing so there was not time for her to prepare for anything.

I appreciate a girl taking the time to prepare for things don't go to shit...(lol).

I always try and get the girl very wet and excited, then I use LOTS of lube and finger(s) to loosen things up. Then I lube up again...LOT OF LUBE.

When entering I go very slow, it starts with just pressure, I like doggy because she can push back or pull away and has more control over the situation.

When it slips in, the WRONG thing to do is to try an burry it to the hilt. Let it rest and relax, slow pulsing, it will get deeper on it's own as she relaxes.

Teasing the clit is always a good thing but don't put fingers in unless asked.

A little ass play on your own first may help ease the concern...

Have a butt load of fun!!!
AtiyaLuv said…
first of all, I want to thank you all for the advice/feedback!
this is so wonderful and helpful.

lil - thank you for the URL I am heading there for more info!

flying solo - he has lube already but will overload on it too, seems like is the one thing people continue to capitalize in every comment I received (just about)

His slut - I hope I am relaxed when the moment comes, at this point I am thinking about it and my entire body goes into shock just about.

mc kitten - I will make sure I use enema, enema, enema and get ready the best way possible. thank you so much for the advice, really does help a lot! *grins* specially the part of doing lots of foreplay ehehe

Kenny - thanks for the advice and the man point of view.
specially the part when you said "I appreciate a girl taking the time to prepare for things don't go to shit" LMAO, love it
I wont try to do things on my own because I really want him to be the one enjoying and having that pleasure.

again thank you and it does put my mind at ease, specially the getting dirty part and how to prevent it.


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