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Vacation time is over - i need more time

A short week, a few days off work and much accomplished.

Found a place which I am extremely happy about although a bit scared leaving my daughters behind but it is time to move and they are 23 & 22.
Life is expensive in this state and rent is ridiculous, I am a bit concerned.  I wanted them to go near me but the lack of transportation and because they work in the area they have to stay close for now.
The fact we are still working to find an affordable place for them and running out if time has be a bit worried and uneasy.

Things will work out, they always do.

Enjoying the growth of our relationship and the wonderful changes that take place each day. 
He is now incorporating benwa balls, started using them Friday.
Exciting how he had me wear only one piece of garment all weekend, a dress preferably unless I went out which a coat is needed. 
Went out dancing and when I took off the  sweater the only thing I had on was a simple dress, I was practically naked and it felt good.  I also had to go away twice that night to orgasm as I was told I was to do so every 3 hours.  I have to say that part is my fault for been so eager and horny all the time. 
I can't help it, he is irresistible, I am more in love each day that goes by, the submissive in me growing and all thanks to his guidance and help.
It does come natural to both of us, it is so amazing.

Back to work tomorrow and I really don't want to.
After almost 15 years in the same place things keep getting complicated, rather say that corporal makes it like that and those happy workers they once had nowadays are just zombies who dread going into work each day.
They dread it same way I am dreading it right now.
But, must make the best of each situation, it is a job, it pay the bills and I've had fun moments there through the years, besides, I only have a few more years, I think I can handle it until then.

Hope everyone enjoyed their week and weekend!

Sincerely Yours


Florida Dom said…
How often do you wear the ben wa balls and has he had you try a vibrating egg?

AtiyaLuv said…
Good Morning Sir!
The ben-wa balls were just purchased on Friday and he had me wear them through the weekend and even to sleep.
He says I will need more training to hold them in for I am no longer allowed to wear pants or undies but never mentioned when will it start.

I mentioned the vibrating egg and he was so sweet to point out that he really didn't need it when he can just tell me to cum and I automatically do.

Thank you for your questions!

Have an amazing day Sir


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