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Adjusting & Enjoying - loving change

The new place is great!
I am in love with my new town,
the apartment
I am along a busy route (like a main little highway), there are tons of stores, plazas and restaurants throughout, is awesome that I have a gas station next door, and now that I am taking pills the fact that I have a CVS across the street, helloooo, can't get better than that.
Already heard that as soon the nice weather come about this place will be extremely busy and it is why I am learning the back-roads, a few days ago i had a little taste of how bad traffic could get.

Still no furniture
taking my time and slowly putting everything together,
thinking of what will look best in here
after all, this is like my own single girl apartment (sorta)
son is hardly ever here, he probably stays 2-3 days out of the week, which I don't mind at all.

I am having tons of issues with my WiFi, I can't make a phone call to safe my life, trying to solve one issue at a time, not rushing it, feels so good at times to enjoy that peace and quiet.

Rearranged the movies in alphabetical order, I have to buy another DVD rack soon.

that's what I call family time and bonding.  Every Sunday morning we had breakfast and cuddle in the king size bed of a dark room watching movies the entire morning.

Some Friday nights or Saturday was ice cream movie night with the kids and the niece :) good times!  The Saw series belongs to the kids, i could never get passed Saw 2, I was able to watch horror movies, watch gruesome stuff, hey I watched Faces of the death and The best of faces of death and now I can't watch anything of that sort.


I've had quite a few visitors and they absolutely love the place, so very cozy, and aside from that all the rave about the location, I am in the right spot!
I really am!

I added to my work commute by 25 minutes and so far is not bothering me.  It was rather convenient waking up late and know that I could be at work in 15 - 20 minutes.
I never said I didn't have to sacrifice a few things for some commodities.

It feels a bit empty because the girls are all grown up and on their own, seems like yesterday they were little girls, is actually a bit harder for the oldest to let go, my middle child is very independent and never a problem for her to go out on her own and do her own thing.
I am very proud, they are doing very well!

Sleeping better than I was before
Feeling the 3 C's
health wise there are a few changes I need to make...BP is sky high and taking meds for it, kinda of sucks because I know how i am when it comes to pills, i forget this things, now i have little notes on the door to remind me to do a few tasks before I head out.
At least until it becomes a routine.

Still much to do, but taking my time doing it.
my room still a huge mess, boxes around, and stuff I have not seen in years that were put away in the previous move.
a collection of mugs and a collection of knives which I gave a few of them to one of my co-workers

awesome! i checked the price and each mug goes for about $15-$18
the knife is priceless, lets just put it like that.
It was nice finding all those little gadgets.
One particular item I called he is actually a knife

i know, is kinda of cool and very  unique but it freaked everyone out, I handed it down to someone who I know is going to love and appreciate it as much as I did.  He named him Kentucky Mo', how cute is that!!

So far so good
Loving my place
Enjoying the town and the state
Feeling brand new
Sexier than ever
and even a bit more turned on
I guess those are just the signs of how great I am feeling!


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