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All moved in, now trying to settle in

I was not so healthy last week, the entire week struggling with my BP among other little health issues but getting them under control.

Prior to moving I was very scared of where I was going to leave my oldest daughter since I moved so far away (25 minutes away).  Spoke to the landlord and he agreed to rent her the apartment, so relieved he was kind enough to do that, but it was a win-win situation if you ask me.

I  moved Friday and happy to say that I am in love with my new apartment.  Have not been there long enough to appreciate it as I would like but I am looking forward to the weekend when I will be able to stay home and get a bit more cozy and get a better feel for it.
The neighborhood is amazing, stores and restaurants to the left and right, beach is practically down the street, can't get better than that!
Already in love.  Can't wait til the summer gets here.

Starting from scratch.
No furniture, just my TV, my bedroom set and my sons', that is it.  
I even left the dishes behind (gave them to my daughter)
Bought a new dining room set, went from a 6 chair to a 4 :-)
Now I just have to find some couches.

My bedroom took the hardest hit since all the boxes were placed in there to make room for the sleepover that took place on Saturday evening.  Really?  trying to move and get away and in the end they still follow me to another state?  LOL

While unpacking I see my very first toy with my initial on it *grins* was meant to be a cutting board but the wrong stain was used and it is no longer safe to put food on it, next best thing to food? my ass!!

Master said he can't wait to spank me with that *ouchies* I know that is going to hurt!

Coffee and then some ass woopin' to start the day! (PS3)
I have to admit that I was the one who's ass got beat!  I am getting old! 

Having issues moving my plants and making the transition for them as painless as possible.
Everyone is always concern how pets will adjust to a new place, well, plants are the same way, the right light, temperature, and a place where they feel comfy at.

plants at old place
I am sure they will be fine.

There are things that I can't find yet, like my bra...Monday I had to wear tape on my nipples in order to hold them back, they love to be noticed, attention seekers! 
and still the tape does not necessarily helps completely

Can't wait to be all settled in, that I am able to find my stuff.

For now, just enjoying myself, and all the amazing changes taking place!


Sincerely Yours


JFBreak said…
Congrats on the new apartment!
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you JFBreak!
I am loving it!!!

C Stag said…
congrats lady!
enjoy your new home…
did you take the bars out of the nips?
C Stag said…
sorry! they're there!
couldn't tell under the tape!
AtiyaLuv said…
ehehe they are not coming off at all!
one of them i cant even take off, will have to go to the place to have it unscrewed, lol
and all moved in, just organizing for the moment

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