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Busy Weeks

Moving next week and trying to get ready for it has not been so easy.

Organizing, throwing away things that are no longer needed, replacing some items, labeling boxes making sure everything is organized for the move.
I have to rearrange a few more boxes, I put way too many items in it and will make it a bit difficult to lift, can't have none of that since I will be assisting in the moving.

I feel this move is going to be the start of some amazing changes and wonderful events that will be taking place in my life.
The area is amazing, I can't say enough about that!
I have a 24 hour CVS across the street
A rite aid behind me
two 4.5 stars restaurants (one behind the building, the other across the street)
Dunkin Donuts
Beach 2 miles away
Chinese Restaurant next door, and next door to that is a breakfast joint

The apartment itself is small but I am also downsizing, only taking my son with me, the girls are already going on their own, which I am also helping with the apartment hunting.

I can't wait to be done with all of this

On another note....

Extremely horny days, can't seem to get a grip on this cum on command and I have lost control, can't think of him at all or I am cumin all over the place.
The other day he just insinuated that he spread my legs and was about to fuck me when I began cumin, didn't even have to tell me to do so, it just happened.

Lately I have been on an orgasm rampage, I even timed myself to see how long it took cumin while flicking my clit (3 minutes 31 seconds), as if I don't have better things to do *grins*

I am only allowed to cum twice a day, and I don't mean to disobey orders, but my clit and pussy have a mind of their own this days, they don't listen to me

Everyone enjoy your weekend and hope you all had an amazing week!

TGIF Bitches!
Party time!
Cum time

Sincerely Yours


C Stag said…
let me know where you are moving to lady… are you moving far away from your job, if you are living near the beach?
AtiyaLuv said…
Chris!! I emailed you :)

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