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Accident with the Ben-Wa Balls

Several weeks ago my Owner told me to wear the balls while I slept.
Happy to oblige, I had them in all day long that Friday, sleeping with them will not be such a problem.

I did well, I think.  They only popped out twice throughout that day.

Saturday early morning my daughter wakes me up to tell me the baby is a bit congested, I put on a dress, some comfy shoes, my coat and I head to the pharmacy.

There was a young gentleman rearranging and re-stocking the shelves, I bend down careless and one of the balls popped out rolling all the way towards him and ending by his foot, how lucky am I?
I was horrified, I followed the ball all the way to him, he picked it up and asked me "this pink ball yours?" I could see that he was not aware what it was or where it came from so I told him "sure!"
Grabbed the ball, the humidifier and to the register!

I really would love to be there when someone tells him what that was and where it came from!

That would be so priceless

It would have been more embarrassing if he knew where that little ball came out of
for now is just one funny story that my friends make me tell over and over again.

As for me...
I learned my lesson and at the moment I only use the balls to be at home and getting me some with the string for when I do go out.

Sincerely Yours


Joolz said…
I had a different kind of accident - I thought I had lost one inside while I was sitting on the sofa. I managed to retrieve it when it worked its way back down. Of course, this didn't happen in the supermarket.... LOL
AtiyaLuv said…
LMAO! sorry to laugh, i know it was not funny then and it must have been a very scary moment. I would have been!


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