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CWS re-post: Is just one way of sucking dick...

Start with...
Kneel in His presence
reach out, grab Him gently

Can you feel that sensation?
your body tingling and quivering
your lips parting
your mouth is watery
your pussy throbbing
and the hunger growing

Approach it slowly
show some love
let Him know you are glad to see Him
kiss Him delicately
start at the tip
work your way in
don't forger to use your tongue
sweep it against His skin
the top, the sides
down the bottom to the tip
do it again
in case you forgot a spot
and on your way back
stop at His ball sacks

Back to the tip
open your mouth
slide it right in
protect Him with your lips
press them tightly around
move your head side to side
as you slide slowly all the way down to the rim
and if you happen to gag
take it like a good cock sucker
is part of the act

In and out of your mouth
pick up the pace,
press your lips as you go up
release as you go down
use your hands
hold them at the base
remove it from your lips
now look at Him
smack your face with his dick

you naughty girl :)

Back inside your mouth
when you are all the way down the rim
stop a minute
press your nose against His skin
and take His scent in
feel His hardness
enjoy His stiffness
slowly pull up
once again
get ready to pick up the pace
up and down
suck on that cock
press your lips tight as you thrust
taste and enjoy the precum
take a second to look at Him
His reaction to the pleasure that you bring
allow that to be the fuel
that ignites your cock sucking skills

your soft, wet, warm tongue
assisting in the thrust
your wonderful lips 
that soon will make Him release
feel it how it throbs
when you reach and flick His tip
the pressure that has been building in
His balls tighten
it is about to happen
you get ready to receive
the treat that He is about to give
filling your mouth with His warm cream
use your hands to squeeze
the last drop out of Him
and make sure you end your deed
with a thank you and a kiss

Is just a little suggestion on how to show love to your dick

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
very nice i loved it before and i love it now
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you Slave sindee!
oldies are always goodies!!
Spanky said…
This was one of my favorites too. More please!
AtiyaLuv said…
One of my favorite as well Spanky. Enjoyed writing this piece and finding pics to match the words.

Will be posting all the CWS posts I wrote and do hope all can enjoy.


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