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CWS repost - Benefits you get from swallowing!

I have always heard how cum is filled with protein and collagen, how it helps with the skin, basically it is like the fountain of youth....and when I see those ladies with such beautiful skin I often think and wonder to myself "They must be big Swallowers!"

I read that cum is full of protein, minerals like zink and calcium (ladies drink up!!).  It also contains fructose sugars and other nutrients and it varies widely in taste depending on the guys diet (men eat your fruits, preferably pineapples and kiwi!!)

I found this article on the benefits of swallowing (link included)

"Here are ten alleged health benefits of seminal plasma (cum/semen):

1.  Natural anti-depressant
2.  Natural anxiety reducer
3.  Improves quality of sleep
4.  Increases energy
5.  Improves concentration
6.  Improves memory
7.  Improves mental alertness
8.  Assists with pregnancy maintenance
9.  Increases female-initiated sexual behavior
10. Reduces pain

Impressed?  You should be!
Nature knows what she is doing!
Some of the helpful chemicals in seminal plasma include testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, opiod peptides, oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin, and norepineprine.
Just think, you can get a dose of all that without having to go to the vitamin store!

When women with arousal disorders are told that they can reap all of the above health benefits, it often enables them to be more receptive to sex.  Suddenly, they are willing to "swallow"

As my Master will tell his girl...
Bottoms up!


Jack and Jill said…
Other than a few women in my late teens, I haven't really had any issues with women not wanting to swallow. There were a couple here and there (i.e. one night stands) who didn't or wouldn't swallow, but generally speaking it's something that I've never really had to ask for.

Pineapple definitely works in my experience, though we find that it takes some effort to ensure you time the subsequent ejaculation/swallowing right. It's not like you eat a bunch of pineapple and then your cum tastes sweet for the next three days. Still, practice makes perfect!

- Jack

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