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Izabella (5/4/2014)

Inside a room of a hospital a young lady was waiting to see her first baby been born.
Three days of pain, of suffering, at her side her mother consoling her, rubbing and caressing the belly of this young lady
The pain she was suffering was not labor pain, 
her heart was broken and feeling her life escaping out of her body.

Her cries without consolation could be heard on the other side of the walls
Her brothers, grandparents and friends united in her pain, 
the pain of a mother waiting for her baby that was to be born

The father of the baby away in a mission, left her side one day with the illusion to see his daughter born.  His mother trying to console him, hugging him and sharing his pain
The pain of the wait
The pain of knowing that his Izabella will be born without taking any breaths

The priest praying, asking God to bless the family,
Blessing the little girl that never opened her eyes asking for consolation and resignation for the family in pain.

Hard to see my son cry, my soul felt heavy and didn't know what to say, 
didn't know what to do, I could only cry with him and share his pain
Tell him how much I love him
and what wouldn't do to take all this suffering away.

This is not a story, or a poem, 
I am here in the hospital
It is my son that cries and suffers
the lost of his first child

We painted her room in pink
with white curtain and flying butterflies
little bears adorned her crib
The couple never imagined 
that their dear Izabella
would never get to see.

**My mother wrote this little poem in Spanish and I tried the best I could to translate it to English**
We lost a precious soul today, Our Isabella, she was due to join us in this world 5/13 but we lost her on Sunday.

No words can express the pain I feel that I can't be there for my brother, sister in law and my mother.  It is all unreal to me.


Faerie Wings said…
I'm so very sorry for all of you and your loss. Hugs, light and love to all.
Desireous said…
I'm so so sorry for your family's loss. Hugs
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you so very much @faerie and @Desireous.

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