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I want to get spanked!

I was riding the train about a week ago and was watching an older gentleman as he played with his phone.
He chuckled which made the people around chuckle as well.  He had an awesome laugh.

For some reason this particular gentleman reminded me of my Owner and what he might look like when he gets to be that age.  He appealed to me
Sitting across just watching him while fantasizing what I wish he would do to me...

I could picture myself on his lap
one of his hand rubbing my ass
and the other caressing my back
goosebumps all over my skin
I love the way he breaks me in
making sure I am relaxed 
when he suddenly starts to spank my ass

He takes turns with each side
from the left to the right
the impact of his hand
and the sting he leaves behind

Suddenly a voice wakes me up
"come on, lets go! this is our stop"
walking out of the train I look back
to see him for one last time

As I head to the parking lot to get in my car
feeling the wetness between my slit
a smile adorning my lips of the naughty thoughts that creeps in
can't wait for the day my Owner gets a hold of me
and claims this ass that it is His
to do all he wants and meet all His needs
I do have to be careful of what it is that I wish...

Sincerely Yours


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Sincerely Yours Aluv