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TMI Tuesday - My Reality TV Life

Welcome to June. This week Virtual Sin and The Pleasure Principle collaborated on TMI Tuesday questions and give you…

My Life Is A Reality TV Show

The following are real-life American and United Kingdom reality television shows. The questions are based on the premise of the corresponding reality show.
1. (Sex Sent Me To The ER) Did you ever have to seek medical attention for a sex-relation problem (aside from routine care, STDs etc)?

no, but it doesn't mean I never really got injured.
2. (Survivor) Have you ever been stranded anywhere with a group of strangers?

OHH yes!
our way back from upstate NY, alternator went...we were stuck for 7 hours, pitch black highway, and I believe just a few cars went by and of course they just kept on going, didn't bother to stop, I probably would have done the same. 
An uncle of one the kids traveling with us was a bit concerned when we didn't report when we said we would (we call from the res stops) and since he was the one who wrote the directions for us to get back home he was kind enough to go looking for us...yaay (this was before mapquest)
this was before cell phones became such a necessity, we used beepers in my days :-/ 
Lesson Learned:  Never travel at night.
3. (The Amazing Race) Have you ever had a free-form, play-it-by-ear international trip or done a scavenger hunt whose clues/challenges took you out of your home country or state?

not yet but planning on it, they are so fun to do!
We have done it in Boston.
4. (Marriage Boot Camp) Have you ever had group couples therapy? How did that work out?

5. (Airline) Have you been involved in a contentious situation with any airline personnel. Tell us what happened?

does an Immigration officer counts?
6. (What Not To Wear) Have you ever had a complete makeover–hair, fashion/wardrobe, huge weight-loss? Did you do this on your own or did a spouse, friend, significant other encourage the change? Tell us about your transformation.

I lost a lot of weight at one point but I have always been very stylish and glamorous in my way and when I do things 99.99 % of the time I am my own motivation and encouragement.
7. (How Clean Is Your House?) Have you ever had a guest or relative visit your home and blatantly criticize its cleanliness, orderliness and/or actually clean or rearrange things with or without your permission?

my friends make fun of the way I put my food away, every single item must be facing out so I can see what it is, the boxes are in a row by in the movie sleeping with the enemy with Julia Roberts
and the only one who criticizes everything is my mother, she will go to our house and rearrange our furniture then take off cause she knows how much it bothers "some" of us *grins*

Bonus:  What is it? Explain how you would use it.
what is it June 3 2014
first of all I can tell by the cord that it is used in a car.
it looks like a vibrator for both, men and women, does the pink end opens up?
or a breast pump.


How to play TMI Tuesday: 

Copy the above TMI Tuesdayquestions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sincerely Yours


Sammi said…
Love the pics :-)

Happy TMI!
that first pic with the chickens and the oven is downright existential.

Lost was an awesome show for two reasons:
1. it was an awesome show.
2. it marked the death of reality least for a while.

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