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TMI Tuesday - School Days

For many areas of the world, this time of year is graduation time at formal institutions of learning. Thus, it is a good time for us to think back about our own education.

After watching all the 80's flicks and High School movies - Grease, Sixteen Candles, Fast Time at Ridgemont High, Weird Science, and the books called Sweet Valley High I feel I was cheated! I expected high school to be as fun as the movies :(
what a total disappointment!

School Days

study education tmi

Below is a list of academic fields of study. For as many of these disciplines as possible, share a memory. It could be something that happened in class, an Aha! moment, something about the teacher or something that was helpful later in life.
Thanks to for this week’s TMI Tuesday theme.
1. English - I can only remember reading the outsiders and receiving a letter from the President (they made us write to the white house)

2. History - I had a massive crush on almost all of my History teachers, I love history :) a lot

3. Foreign Language (French, Spanish, Latin…) - I am still struggling with English! I cheated in High School, I took Spanish (I am fluent), always argued with the teacher because of the mispronunciation of words....on his behalf

4. Psychology Religion - We had to take religion in High School, I was not so thrilled about this course, just didn't make sense to me.

5. Mathematics - I used to be my Math teachers' pet *grins* 

6. Physics - I passed it with a 98, how I did it? I have no idea but glad I never heard about it til now
7. Chemistry - sophomore year of high school, did very well, loved the teacher, he reminded me of Einstein! 

8. Biology - I was given the science award *grins wider* and always had a bunch of A+

9. Gym - all we had to do was change our clothes for gym and it was a sure passing grade...I can't remember gym all the way through high school, the only part I remember was field day!
Bonus: Did you have sex education class in school? What grade or age did you have this class? Thinking back on the sex education class what was the most surprising thing you learned? Was this class helpful to you in your sex life?

Sex education was taught by all of my friends in grade need for an adult who may have been capable to teach such subject and answer questions the most responsible way, but why bother and wait when my friends had all the dirty magazines to teach us what we needed to know and with pictures!!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sincerely Yours


mmmm. Was there something about you & your teachers?! lol.
I had to take religion for 12 years. Made no sense to me either. ;)
Sammi said…
I wish my gym class was like that :-)

Happy TMI!
AtiyaLuv said…
+Catherine Martinique
I only wish!!
some of them were sooo good looking
always had a thing for smart, older men *grins*
Religion for 12 years?? let me guess, Catholic school? I had to do that for a few years til they couldn't handle me no'mo

ehehe, I loved it!!

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