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Social Medias in my life

Tumblr - I love re-blogging the pics, liking them and using them on other social sites!  To say the least, my Tumblr inspires me, gets me horny with all the pics I re-post and even use them on other sites!

Instagram - I keep up, I don't post daily but I do always go in to like a few things here and there.

Twitter 2 accounts, although I no longer use my main one. I keep up, I enjoy twitting very much and re-twitting.

Stumble Upon I don't use it (I should cancel it)

Pinterest had one but they cancelled my acct because they didn't agree with my choice of pins, started another one but lost interest after my main acct was cancelled.  I really enjoyed it at one point, many ideas and amazing pics!!

WeHeart it I started the thing, but never kept up with it

Facebook Only have it to keep up with family and that is an everyday thing, I used to be a facebook fan and posted a pic almost every single day

Hi5 my family sent me an invite and created an account but never really used it or called my attention much (should cancel it)

Tagged Brother sent me an invite, didn't know what it was all about, can't even cancel the account, I tried, but it didn't work.

My Space There is a name I have not heard in a long time! canceled that account a long, long time ago, matter of fact, same year I started my facebook.

G+ It has become one of my favorites, always sharing wonderful pictures and information, I follow a few awesome circles and communicate with some of the fellow bloggers :) 
It has replaced my FB in some sort of way.

FetLife Check it almost everyday, I love to read and they have some amazing posts and love the forums as well.  I am a profile whore and love pictures!  I have spent about an hour or two just browsing through profiles. (I can't seem to log into my old Fetlife profile and have not been able to get someone to help me get in it, it is really frustrating)

Blogs I consider them social medias as well, I have three of them, and I write when I am inspired in one way or another, of course the TMI, etc...I enjoy writing from time to time.

Second Life Yes, Social Media, although it is in a 3-D world environment.  I don't log in as often as I used to, but I still enjoy my SL, my friends and from time to time I get in that certain mood that I can't get enough of it.

I am probably missing a few of them, and that does not include dating sites I used in the past, and gosh, all the emails addresses I have, geez -- AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, gmail...oopsy
Sometimes I Google myself and see what comes out.  I am not happy with the results, nobody told me back then when all this internet and social media craze began that whatever we put out there will always and forever stay, by the time I was found it was a bit too late and now I am all over the place!
Ouchies :-/
I guess when young we really don't give any of this any mind until we go over a certain number.  Men are different, I admire them, how they are able to keep themselves a bit more

Next week I am going to dedicate one day to research, find, and cancel all the accounts I have created and no longer use.
There is a site called Spokeo which is very helpful finding information, just put in the email address and it will direct you to every site that email is used at.
I was surprised to find out I was in sites I never even knew about...and wondered how I got there.

Will say I earn my Social Media Degree

Sincerely Yours


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