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TMI Tuesday - Let's Discuss a few things

Welcome to another edition of TMI Tuesday. This week’s questions are from moi and Sin Doll. Feel free to tackle a single topic and share in-depth with photos (e.g. your collections) or answer some of the related questions (4 and 5 make for great discussion) or answer all questions as usual. -H 1. What do you collect?
I have never been into collecting anything but I do have a shit load of movies and shoes, does that count? 2. What do you do for fun?
Read watch movies explore (woods, parks, second hand stores, museums, festivals) I enjoy discovering places (new to me) try new recipes make soap and research stuff to make my skin look better trying to get into working out in order to make it a habit 3. Name a place that’s fun for you to visit but you wouldn't want to live there.
Dominican Republic
Awesome to be with family and spend a week or two. 4. Do you believe in revenge?
NO! don't even like thinking it, two wrongs don't make a right, I do believe what goes around comes around. 5. D…

TMI Tuesday -Marriage-

Happy Monday!  On this week’s TMI Tuesday we discuss marriage. The majority of the questions were submitted by Virtual Sin but I added one of my own. Guess which one? ;-)  -HMarriage 1. Do you believe in marriage?
Nope, not anymore.
I believe in a partnership, a union

2. Have you ever proposed marriage or been proposed to marry? What happened?
I was, I married and now divorced

3. What would be your dream way of proposing marriage?
Been there done that.

4. What would be your nightmarish way of proposing marriage?
no proposal at all

5. Mainstream society has engagement rings; in your opinion, what token should be given to signify engagement?
I have no clue
maybe a necklace saying "I'm engage!"

6. Would you like to participate in an “open” marriage vs. a traditional monogamous marriage? Have you ever given it serious thought? Why or Why not?
I have never given serious thought about it
Monogamy only works for some I guess
I am a monogamist person, but hey, I can change my mind tomorro…

TMI Tuesday - A.K.A and Pet names

Thanks to The Sin Doll for this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.Pet Names & Body Parts 1. Do you give pet names to anything? (e.g. Significant other. Car. Breasts. Penis. Vagina.)
Breast - Brestasus, the twins, my chachas
Vagina - Punani or nani, coochy, cacata (big spider)
Cock - really never named it but if I had to I will call him "Terminator" he knocks me out when he is done with me!
Significant Other
I call him "my Papi mine"
the X I called him by his last name "Cruz" and when I wanted something I would call him Papichulo which basically means - stud muffin, handsome, etc. 2. Is there a pet name that you can’t stand being called?
not at all
my mom calls me Gordis which basically means fatty
son calls me midget, or shorty
a lot of people call me "Loca" but that's because of my personality and the way I handle things most times, and of course because often times I say what people are thinking but not dare say... 3. Has your body ever done something t…

TMI Tuesday - up in ma'busines

Welcome. Have fun. It’s time again for TMI Tuesday. All Up In Your Business…
Nosey neighbor Gladys Kravitz, from TV show Bewitched. 1. What is the one word, in your vocabulary, that you use excessively? Don’t know…ask your friends and family.
lately because i have been talking a lot with a friend and is a word she uses so so so much..."you know"
after every sentence, you know, I have to like say that word, you know?
I have been trying to correct that and doing much know 2. If you had to have a sex change, what part of your body would you want enhanced more than anything else?
easy!! hips and ass! 3. You are not having a sex change, what part of your body do you want enhanced?
hips and ass! 4. When was the last time you felt possessive about someone?
this weekend - my grandson *smiles warmly* 5. When was the last time you got a wedgie and had to remove it in public?
today, my skirt rides up my ass when i bent down and then straighten up due to the fact that I don't w…

The Belt

Take it Guide me Make use of it Show me what you can do with it Allow me to feel it

Sincerely Yours

"She Chooses"

A true submissive isn't created within the pages of fan fiction

.....she is born
(I don't necessarily agree with this answer, some women could be trained to become great submissive/slaves, we are not born to become a submissive, or raised to be such, contrary to that.  We are told to be strong, stand up, practically telling us not to take shit from anyone, we are told everyday we don't need a man to be happy or feel complete, we are equal, fight for our rights!
I don't think we are born submissive, we choose to be submissive)

A true Dominant isn't trained in chat rooms

.....He is born
(Women in my culture already see men as Dominant, the alpha, the one in charge, we are bred that way *grins*.  so I do agree with that statement, and also, in some cases, there are women who bring out the Dominant in a man)

A BDSM "scene" creates neither

.....That's kinky sex

A true submissive isn't "subdued" or "conquered"

.....she chooses

Follow your h…

TMI Tuesday - Love, LIfe & Lessons

Hello there. It’s a holiday here in the United States, it is Labor Day. The only work I’m doing is this TMI Tuesday. -H 1. Are you happy with your job? Why or Why not?
not anymore
I need a break from people in general, I find myself more secluded, after spending so much time around staff, trainees, etc., makes me not want to be around people on my own time.  it is draining. 2. What do you want?
I am working on it
it is better to keep things on the low until they happen :)))
I learned that the hard way 3. Who first broke your heart?
I can't remember 4. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in a relationship?
Give too much of myself, my trust, devotion, and I am faithful.
but the biggest WAS (no longer feel this way)
I had expectations. 5. What did you learn from you last lover/ex-significant other?