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am I the only one who.....

becomes dripping wet by reposting and rebloggin pictures on tumblr?

and ends up playing with herself almost every single time I finish with tumblr?

Masturbates while laying in the tub and water splashing down to my clit loving the fact hands are free to fondle my nipples

enjoys getting naked at work and playing with herself in the bathroom?


Posts naughty pics while at work?

Is constantly daydreaming of getting fucked, spanked, tied up, getting used, squirming under him as he masturbates me?

will see a picture or GIF and will try to imitate what is been done (just checked to see how it felt and I have the same toy)

will cum just thinking that he is cumin in my mouth?

and will go days at a time horny 24 hrs around the clock?

tied up their breasts because of curiosity and see how they look?
(could not find the pics I made of me tying up my breasts)
is afraid to try certain things but is willing to go the distance for love, devotion, and her Owner...(i have never seen a ball/ring gag up close and personal but I can tell you that I already dislike the thing!)

  and I do feel like....

 I have a virgin ass and a bit afraid of the mix reviews about anal, still afraid for now.

Time to be productive at work!!
Is break time!

Happy Friday!

Sincerely Yours


C Stag said…
these pics and comments are so hot… you have me raging!
Is that first photo of you?!
If so, I'll be right over!
PS. I don't think you get my emails… or they go to your junk mail! LoL
have a good hot sexxxy weekend.
C Stag said…
glad we caught up on emails, but you'll still miss them if they go to spam!
hope your weekend was good!
AtiyaLuv said…
same to you C Stag!!
Fondles said…
um, no, no and no, you're not the only one who... or... or...

dayum. i want a suction cup dildo thing too!!
AtiyaLuv said…
Grins, glad I'm not the only one, and the suction dildo is best used in the tub, a better grip.
Nero Black said…
Okay... DAMN!!
This is the hottest thing I've seen on the internet all month - I'm gonna crosspost it on my blog so my 3 followers will come over to yours.
I love your playful spirit, I wish more people/women were like you,

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