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TMI Tuesday - taking things seriously

This week’s TMI Tuesday was derived from a book called Taking Things Seriously. Read on, you’ll get the drift.

Taking Things Seriously

“Step into any living room, office, studio or den of just about any engaged, imaginative, passionate person and you will find an item that, although it may not appear particularly valuable, is reverentially displayed as though it were a precious and irreplaceable artifact.”
For example: scraps of movie posters scavenged from the streets of NYC by ‘Low Life’ author Luc Sante. A WWI prison camp hunk of bread forced upon photographer Rosamond Purcell by an elderly neighbor…you get the idea.
1. Think about your environments–home, office, vehicle, what sort of inanimate objects hold special meaning and significance for you. List/name the objects, tell us why they hold a special place. Share some photos if you dare.

the old nestle theme cups and the knife (very sharp, it is a hunting collection, I have 1 of 5)

my very first music box *sighs* very heavy, given to me by my first husband

aside from the books, every item here is valuable, quite a few of them came from my brother when he wa overseas in the army and traveling, some I acquired myself, like the bottle, ehehe, i have a thing for bottles.

my movie collection, it will be passed on LOL, never intended for this to happen, but this is what happens on winter weekends, movie night with the kids and sunday morning brunch while watching movies *grins

my photo albums/pictures/scrapbooks

2. Are any of your treasured items worth a lot of money?

the knife is worth about $200,
the cups $15+
movies...well, as soon as you buy them they will no longer be worth the $20+ that was paid for it. 

3. Would you ever part with that item? If yes, under what circumstances.

with the knife? nah, Don't think I am ready to do so yet :)!
with the cups....well, I don't mind at all

4. What is the oddest or strangest item that you covet and proudly display(ed)?

I like buying rare things, they don't necessarily have to be a must have item, when I see something that catches my attention I buy it, so I happened to run into this little guy one day, I was drawn to him, so I took it home.
this is a knife, the teeth are from goat or sheep (something like that) I believe is from Brazil, is real cool...I no longer have him, I gave it to a coworker and friend whom I thought would appreciate this item just as much as I do/did.  He even named it!  My greatest pleasure was seen his face when he saw it on his desk, it was priceless.  He had been in my possession for 20 years (learning to let go of material things and not be attach to material things) 


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link totmituesdayblog from your website!
Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
1. You are not the only TMI player who is keeping knives. The golf ball & putter cup is funny! Great pic. Thanks for sharing.

2. That is ornate.

4. That thing would be scary to see in the dark! Quite unusual for sure. What a great story of how you passed him along after 20 years.

Loved this TMI. Thank you for the photos!


P.S. Thank you for celebrating Movember on behalf of TMI Tuesday. This year for me has been uber busy, haven't been able to promote things like I used to.

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