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I am going to see my Master

Been counting down since the purchase of the ticket, and down to 43 days.

I even have a countdown on this blog (top right corner), I have one on my phone and crossing down the days on a calendar, can you tell my excitement?

As the day gets closer I eat less, not for lack of hunger but I have a knot in my tummy that will not cease, the butterflies are on a roll and I am hornier than ever.

He doesn't really give me much material to work with, but he taunts me with little things here and there
I have seen some of the gadgets he purchased for when I go visit and told me he has been practicing on knots and the mere thought of it sends me of the charts.

He sent me a pic a few months back of the stuff he had already acquired - pink looks great on me

I see a rope there...but Master felt the need to buy more rope o.O (does he realize I am only 5' or 152 cm?

 I delicious!!!

Not very fond of the butt-plug considering I still have a virgin ass (inserts frightened facial expression here)
The box says is for beginners yet it looks huge!!
I am thinking of also purchasing my own but on a cuter version *grins*

I have been buying stuff and throwing them in the luggage but limiting myself for I have been going to the gym to build endurance, if anyone was thinking I was going to gym to tone up or lose weight, bwaahahaha, nope, I have been out of practice for so long I am afraid to pass out after a minute of riding him, or just run out of breath and since I am already in my 40's get a massive heart attack!

I am sooo scared about so many things such as:
getting tied up
and just the thought of making love, having sex, getting fucked makes me shiver

I don't know if anyone else in long distance relationships go through this motion when they haven't been intimate in a long time, and when the time comes they freak out a bit.
It amazes me when I think of him and our intimate moments and I get goosebumps, shivering and trembling
oh boy what a reaction!
Like the first time we were together, my entire body was shivering in his arms, under him, I can't wait to feel that again!! *squeals*

The spanking....
His hand

His belt
I practically begged him that if he is going to spank me to PLEASE start with his hand, of course he can take it under consideration but not necessarily follow through and start with what he pleases.

The last time I got a spanking was when I was 12 years old and there was nothing sexy, sensual, sexual, or erotic about it, and the only thing I remember was the welts on my bare ass and legs, ouch.

Looking forward to have such experiences, I am a total noob at all of this but so eager to please him that the rest of the feelings and emotions come short and it is the only way I can put myself at ease from the nervousness.

I can't stop giggling
At times walking back and forth
going over the list I made of things I need to take with me
Making plans of what will I do days that he will be working and I probably will not get to see him (insert extremely sad face in here)

I've visited Him in the summer and in the spring but never during the winter and considering this little tropical girl is afraid of the cold I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time inside.
I do have a list of a few places I am going to visit and looking forward to meeting my Dutch friends that I have kept in touch with for several years and some new ones I have made, very excited!

This is going to be so exciting!!!

Can't wait, even if I am feeling scared and eager, I know and I can feel this is going to be one of the best experiences of my life

Sincerely  Yours


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