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Preparing to see my Master!

I always say "I work better under pressure and under stress"
often times this is true but right now I don't know if it's going to work in my favor.

I have so much to do before I leave on vacation and don't even know where to start, I'm just throwing things inside the suitcase in the meantime and today I am going to finally create a list so I will not forget a thing!

First time I went I think I brought like 10-12 pairs of shoes (for 8 days) I used probably 3 pairs, second time was not prepared for all the walking I did, needless to say I didn't bring enough shoes, I came back 15 pounds lighter and with messed up feet, a few weeks after been home they were still hurting.

To be honest I have no idea what to bring with me.  
The only thing I have in mind are ropes, handcuffs, dildos, butt plugs, even an enema.  

I know I am going to be going out here and there, I have made some plans ahead of time but I am also using this trip to cleanse myself, meditate more, get my thoughts together, write, and plan for my near future...get mentally prepare.

I am excited
Horny as ever, my bathroom time at work has gone up this days, and always looking for the opportunity to take my clothes off *grins*

I can't handle this
Seems the closer the date the longer it takes to come (unlike me, I cum faster now)

With a mental block as well!
missy louise left a comment on my TMI about me been creative and not able to come up with a great bonus question, I know, I know!! that is exactly what I'm talking about, mental block here! I am suppose to write a post and submit it to a certain place and I can't even start, don't even know how to start, will have to wait until the right time
perhaps a spanking will help me straighten up a bit *grins ever so wide*

I can't stop thinking how exciting this is!!!

27 days to board!!

Sincerely Yours


little said…
ah your excitement is palpable
have fun!
missy louise said…
i am so excited for You. Your writings are always so spot on and from the heart and now with all the excitement for t=your time with Master , its almost like you are scattered brain not the usual Aluv. Hang in there and out yourself together. I was once told for a trip to bring 4 shoes - one sexy one comfortable one for relaxing and one dress pair.
Hope that helps
C Stag said…
ummm. crazy idea, I know… but why not just bring a couple of pair of comfortable shoes? - I am not sure I'd want to be explaining to customs what all those items are in your luggage… shouldn't the burden be on the HOST, seeing you are doing the traveling? Just saying… don't sweat the petty stuff Aluv… maybe pet the sweaty stuff!! Your presence is the most important aspect…
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you, can't wait

@missy louise
thank you for the advice on the shoes, already have them packed haha, i know, three weeks away and I am almost all done with the packing

haha, is a girl thing Mr. Stag, not trying to sweat it but I love to play dress up and in love with fashion.
also I wanna look great for Him!!
again, is a girl thing *grins wide

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