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Thank you 2014, Welcome 2015!

I want to thank 2014 for all the lessons learned, all the wonderful people that brought into my life and the ones that also left.
The obstacles, the challenges, and above all the knowledge.

A lot took place this year, small changes here and there that had big effects in my life.

Began to wear His collar permanently
Moved to another state near the beach
...moved back home
Have a grandson
I learned to make soap
More in touch with myself, in tune
Found out I am not where I want to be career wise and making decisions
My artistic level is higher
Mediation is highly a must
Took a few trips to different cities throughout the state
Going to the gym
Cooking better!
Lost a few friends at a very young age which put me on alert to live life, love, dream and make them come true, take chances

Can't cover everything but I am so thankful for everything!

I don't make resolutions any more, I stick to goals which are almost the same thing.
Every year one of my goals is to work on the procrastination, somehow I start strong and slowly fades away, consistency is a must, specially with the big plans I have in mind.
Grooming, OK, my excuse is that I don't use it so why the hassle of shaving all the time, and I let go --This year several friends will be doing a group beauty challenge, 365 days of beauty, dressing up, keeping up, looking sexy, sassy even when at home, omg!! I'm so in, again, will have to work on consistency, aside from procrastination this one is also one of my bad habits I hope to leave in 2014

I consider myself a very fashionable woman, sometimes I am a bit scared to express myself but for this year I am going in!!!
I love 20's, 30's fashion, 50's are also my favorite, and of course, let's not forget the 80's.
Expressing myself and going to love it, I admire people who wear what they want when they want.

Career wise...
There is one thing holding me back from having that I can breath and content feeling; the job situation.  Although I have already made up my mind of what I want to do, let's just say that I also need to have a bit of income coming in to hold me until things just start picking up.
I have slacked for so long that I have so much to do before I leave that I will be working on my own time to make up for the fuck ups of previous years, I am predicting to leave at the end of January beginning of February.
Fingers crossed!

Health wise...
I really want to stick to the gym, I love love the sauna, I finally found a reason to go, thinking of using the sauna makes me tingle and excites me, the heat, the sweating, the way my skin feels after taking a shower.  Yummy
I can walk to the gym, I have no excuses yet I always manage to find not just one but a few, so far so good, each day I find a reason to go instead of an excuse not to.

Oh, I also had a birthday Sunday, December 28th welcome 40!!
I40 never felt or looked so great! Haha

Magnificent 2015 is going to bring so many new adventures, changes, growth, wisdom, knowledge!
I can feel it!
I already see it!


C Stag said…
You are very full of positive energy and excitement to start the year!!!
You need to maintain that energy level to stick to the gym… even going for 15 to 20 minutes, when you really don't feel like it, will make great things happen. Find a friend / peer pressure for those times you just don't want to be there. It helps to get a nudge!

Good Luck. Stay positive.
julie said…
Happy new year and belated happy birthday. Hoping 2015 will be a good one xx
AtiyaLuv said…
thank you CStag and Julie!
This is the year!
already feeling it!

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