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February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 28 - Waiting

For Him

1st spanking and no longer a virgin

Where to begin when my thoughts are all over the place...He came by for lunch today and as always we end up between the sheetsAfter countless orgasms (we really can't keep count), I end up facing down and his hands caressing my back.
For days now he has been spanking me with his hands, testing me I believe, a bit harder each time, but today while he was using his hands, he stopped, walked over to the living room and I hear the buckle of the belt.
My heart jumped, body became tense, I didn't know what to expect, the previous day when he had done it I felt the sting, I enjoyed it, but that was his hand, this is a belt, work belt to be exact.We didn't keep count, at least I didn't,  but I felt it come down
And rub my ass gently
And rubbed them again
It went on for a bit
How long?
I have no idea
And right before I was about to cry, he stopped
Kept rubbing my ass, sliding his hand between my wet slit, using the moist of my pussy I feel his fingers arou…

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 27 - Taking it all in

I choked a few times, I gagged, but I managed!!

I love him taking pictures of our intimate moments
Like this one

I keep looking at all the pictures he took, they all look amazing
This two called me the most

In one I can see his cock deep down, my lips at the base The other one, well, just shows how much I love love his manhood and I can just eat it all up...oh wait,  I did!!!

February Photo Fest 2015 -Day 26 - pussy spankings and more

Since my arrival, each day has been about exploring, more on his behalf than mine The way he looks at me
The way he study me
Prides me open with his fingers
Exploring my body with either his lips, hands or finger tips
The way he puts on the leash each time he is going to fuck me, can't help just feel the rush in my pussy, my so tired and sore pussy *grins*
He suggested vitamins and now I know why, and here I was thinking I was the one who was going to do damage, pfffft, I'm fighting my sleep as I write this for each time he gets a hold of me is nap time for me. I love the way he holds his hand up and spanks my pussy, then rubs it, spanks my right inner thigh then rubs my pussy and spanks it again, and spanks my left inner thigh, rubs my pussy, redirecting all the attention after to it, spanks it again until he holds his hand up in the air I begin to tremble thinking is coming again, fool me, he just wants to see that reaction, and after he gets what he wants, he kisses me, de…

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 25 - when Aluv is bored

No wifi for almost 24 hours
And what a dent that put!
Happiness is never complete Once again I wanted everything to run smoothly but ever since the vacation started, little tragedies began to unfold here and there
But I'm here, making the best of it and totally in love with my owner.

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 24 - chicken or beef?

Seasoned meat
Beans ready
And I knew the answer I don't even know why I asked Chicken or beef?
Of course he says chicken :) Our first meal together I enjoy cooking more than anything and great at it too, cooking for him was another experience. He enjoyed his very first Dominican food!!

TMI Tuesday - hookups, a cultural revolution

Hook-ups:A cultural revolutionHookups — brief uncommitted sexual encounters between individuals who are not romantic partners or dating each other.TMI Tuesday “Hookups have emerged from more general social shifts taking place during the last century. Hookups began to become more frequent in the 1920s, with the upsurge of automobiles and novel entertainment, such as movie theaters. Instead of courting at home under a parent’s watchful eye, young adults left the home and were able to explore their sexuality more freely.By the 1960s, young adults became even more sexually liberated, with the rise of feminism, widespread availability of birth control and growth of sex-integrated college party events. Today, sexual behavior outside of traditional committed romantic pair-bonds has become increasingly typical and socially acceptable (Bogle, 2007, 2008).” — Source
1. When was your last hook-up? January of 2012
2. Briefly describe the hook-up? I was hurt and was trying to get someone out of system 

Can you relate?

I remember when having sex before, even when in a long term relationship with the exhusband I would always wear a shirt or the room had to be dark.
When at the gynecologist my knees close together,  I had to keep reminding myself this man sees so many pussys a day he would never remember mine. I didn't like been looked or stared at by my x-partners, never gave them the chance to take a real good look, matter of fact I have a little beauty mark at the tip of my clit and the only one who has taken a real close look at it is my Master.He prides my pussy open studying it, touching it, sliding his fingers all over it, he stretches it open to look inside, and I just stay there looking at him, admiring him, turned on, and comfortable with it.
I feel comfortable with him in ways I never had
The other trips I had my inhibitions, I would sorta hide, took him a few minutes to remove the towel our very first time, he kept trying to take it off and I held on it as if my life depended on it, ye…

February Photo Fest - Day 23 - His leash

I smell it, that sweet leather
I touch it, running my fingers through it
He says it took him a while to find the right one, all I have to say, exquisite taste. It has been playing all day in my head the way he leashed me, and I just get so wet by thinking about it.
He is so delicious
I kept thinking and saying that I was going to tare him up, nom nom nom, yeah, backfired,  I turn to putty in his presence.
He basically rocks me, he must eat well and take his vitamins, we lost count of how many times we did it, but who was counting anyways pffffft, I know I was sleeping and he woke me up, and how!!
 Oh wow, each time was much better than the last.
Such passion!! Each time he took me, claimed me *grins, I like to make it dramatical* he would tug on the leash, stretching it down between my breasts down to my wet slit and around, pulling it as he thrust in me, each time deeper and deeper, helloooo, that's too freaking hot!!!
How this girl loves His leash
And it is official, I am owned…

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 22 - cheese sandwich

Luggage arrives tomorrow between 2 and 7 so I'm breathing now
Still out of words
And I do hope to get all my thoughts together
Still thinking to myself....
What a man!!
Where does he get that stamina? For now resting and eating a ham and cheese sandwich.

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 21 - under his leash

Picture is worth a thousand words yet I have no words to describe what it felt like when he snapped the black leather leash, I'm still speechless.
Finally with my Owner
After all this time
He is so worth the wait
Now i am totally drained, sleeping on and off and lost count of how many times I came. I think I'm more in love today!

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 20 - A day late

Long flights Lost luggage And the worse airline I've ever had dealt with. In the was worth it

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 19 - waiting for take off

Just a few more hours and I'm off Very lucky to have my great friend Wanda!! Ride til we die! *grins*
She came to the airport to see me off, staying with me until take off.
Now, that's a friend! Tomorrow I'll be with him! Yaaaay

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 18 - flight canceled

The perfect hair
The outfit carefully picked
Luggage packed nicely
The entire day everything was going smooth
5pm - a bit of snow begins to fall, I get nervous, I don't say a thing but I have this bitter taste in my mouth Trip to the airport was not smooth,  traffic,  but still made it 3 hours before the flight only to find out the flight was cancelled
I began to cry instantly, I didn't even have the chance to say a thing, I couldn't stop crying and still having my little spurs here and there.
I guess tomorrow night, but is suppose to snow tomorrow, I'm devastated!!
I could go home and sleep, get some rest but I refuse to leave the airport because I know there might be something I can do to get there tomorrow, and trying my best, I have people working on it, but if it doesn't work I'll have to wait til tomorrow night.
I don't want to go home and have to go through the entire motion all over again like a deja'vu, nope, that's not me!!
I am just wow…

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 17 - collar is off

24 hours from now I will on a plane to see Him
I never thought this day would come
sadly His collar had to come off for TSA reasons, and because he is the one that needs to formally put it on....anyways, so yeah...
my neck feels so lonely :(
I'm so nervous I can't stop thinking that maybe I am taking too much with me, but there is no such thing as too much, right?
I can't think straight Is going to be a long night!

Sincerely Yours Aluv

TMI Tuesday - Sexpectations

This week on TMI Tuesday let’s talk sexual expectations or… 1. What are some challenges related to your sex life?

3 words - Long Distance Relationship

2. Is quality or quantity most important?


3. How much sex is enough?

ask me in two weeks!
I will have an answer then

4. I want to have more _____ . 

intimate moments with Him

5. I would like to attempt new sex positions such as _____ .

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 16 - 48 hours

It is unreal to me
I feel like I'm dreaming
So many feelings and emotions taking over

Sincerely Yours Aluv

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 15 - Re-packing

Since the ticket for my trip was bought I have been throwing things in a suitcase,  things people have given me to take for the trip, etc.
Just three days away for take off, I'm nervous and to add a bit to my little anxiety I'm not allowed to cum after Tuesday morning, he was very kind about it cause he could have just said starting today *grins* I don't know about many people but I do know I need to cum before I fall asleep.
Back to the packing
I overpacked, again, funny thing is that overpacked on things i am not going to need, I had over 15 nail polishes,  I'm only gonna be there 15 days, oh and I had only shirts, tangtops, and socks, absolutely no bottoms, no skirts, I did have 2 dresses in there, including the one I am wearing the day I leave.
Geez Each time I travel I learn something new about packing, unfortunately it has taken me quite a few times to get it a bit right, I am wiser than before, taking some things in perspective, like food, things i …

February Photo Fest - Day 14 - Valentines Day

Happy V-Day

Sincerely Yours Aluv

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 13 - 50 Shades Opening Night

No comment
He was hot
They looked good together
The end

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 12 - Throwback Thursday

Valentines day week from my WOW days (Whip'em Out Wednesday)

Sincerely Yours

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 11 - resting

Half way through the week
Long and full day at work and preparing things for the time I'll be away.  My back is killing me, so much pain, maybe from tension. 
I was a bit off today...I felt sad somehow.
For now, some criminal minds with the roomy and hopefully get my Z's very soon

A bit hard trying to post from a cellphone.

Sincerely Yours Aluv

His preference and then there is mine

He likes the nipple rings

I suppose it is cool to match the clit ring, I do like to match...

but I like the barbells better although the rings are a bit more comfy and do not get caught in sweaters.

the only reason why I am pierced today is cause he wanted them I wanted them too don't get me wrong but I would have never built up enough courage to do it just because I wanted them, but you see, pleasing him goes above and beyond anything I ever imagined, it actually helps me conquer some of my fears, I think how pleased he would be and how proud he is as well and that is enough for me to overpass and dismiss anything I may be afraid of.
I never thought I would be in a spot where I actually look forward to been told what to do, how to do it and be expected to do it and follow through. Things are a certain way now, not so many rules to follow, not many demands, I do have a feeling some of this might just change for this upcoming visit, I don't know how but I feel it. Looking forwar…

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 10 - Impatient

One of my biggest faults is that at times I get very very impatient
For the most part I am cool, I manage well but when the anxiety strikes and I want something or feel the need for it I kinda of go over board
yes, I overdose!

I got burned this morning trying to rush

So much in my mind this days and having to return to work this morning did not help.
I know, I am a big baby *grins*
my friend did a great job at treating the burn, but it looks a bit dramatic...ehehe
Just need to be careful

One thing that is making my days brighter....

8 more days to see my Master

Not so impatient for that one, well, maybe just a bit, I am scared cause I know there are things that will take place that I have never experienced and I have waited so long and I can't believe the day is just around the corner!

yaay for me!

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday - Conan O'Brien

In the U.S.A. there is a late-night talk show hosted by comedian/writer Conan O’Brien. I had not seen Conan O’Brien show for several years. Recently, I decided to watch it and I heard these questions for TMI Tuesday. TMI & Conan O’Brien

1. One thing I will never comprehend is ____ .

why do they have locks at a store that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

2. My blood type is ____ .


3. I am pretty healthy for ____ .

a person who should take care of herself a bit more and put attention to Dr's orders

4. When I really cannot sleep I ____ .

Masturbate - it always does the job, better than counting sheeps

5. You never forget your ____ .

birthday or cellphone!

6. As a child my favorite pet was ____ .

my chicken, we named him Stephano

Bonus: This week’s question comes from The Late Phoenix – “Why was fuck chosen as the ultimate swear word? It coulda easily been duck.”

Fuck sounds much better, and it is my favorite word...
what the fuck?!
fuck me!!
fuck me hard!!
those are my most popul…

February Photo Fest 2015 Day 9 - Building Inventory

Making scarfs, and headbands
Chakra Trinkets, and bracelets Soap and scrubs Head Jewelry and accessories  and
Doing more research for my soon to be career and business... It has been a very busy day

Sincerely Yours

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 8 - Wearing pants

Back in 2008 I read a book called the Story of O and a few of the things I read that she was subjected to take it upon myself to try them out, this was before I met my Master.

More than a year without wearing undies and pants became extinct from my wardrobe. When I mentioned it He very much enjoyed it and decided to keep it as part of the very few rules he has imposed.
Most of the time I've asked for permission to use pants, I believe he had only denied my request in two occasions,  the few times I haven't asked I have to admit I feel guilty for I feel I'm going behind his back, disobeying, breaking the rules but I always manage to feel better after I come up with valid excuses to ease my mind., not that it makes it right, but hey, it works... I'm a bad girl, one of the valid excuses is "what Papi can't see won't get my ass whooped"
People ask if I'm cold, duh, no shit, WHAT DO YOU THINK?  of course I'm cold, what kind of question is that?  I …

February Photo Fest 2015 - Day 7 - Friends

Long night and morning I think we went to bed at 6am and getting about 3 hours of sleep.
Our friend Lady J was away for almost a year and she is finally with us!!  Welcome home babygirl
So far we've spent the weekend together,  went out clubbing last night,  spent 3 hours just talking when we got home, telling each other off, you know, girl stuff.
it has been fun, relaxing, and a bit wild