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Can you relate?

I remember when having sex before, even when in a long term relationship with the exhusband I would always wear a shirt or the room had to be dark.
When at the gynecologist my knees close together,  I had to keep reminding myself this man sees so many pussys a day he would never remember mine.

I didn't like been looked or stared at by my x-partners, never gave them the chance to take a real good look, matter of fact I have a little beauty mark at the tip of my clit and the only one who has taken a real close look at it is my Master.

He prides my pussy open studying it, touching it, sliding his fingers all over it, he stretches it open to look inside, and I just stay there looking at him, admiring him, turned on, and comfortable with it.
I feel comfortable with him in ways I never had
The other trips I had my inhibitions, I would sorta hide, took him a few minutes to remove the towel our very first time, he kept trying to take it off and I held on it as if my life depended on it, yet this time around is a total different feeling.

When he snapped the collar on, and locked it was a turning point, I belong to him, for real real, we made the commitment, and I saw him differently,  my eyes filled with even more love, respect, and "trust"
I am His

I'm not allowed to wear clothes when he is around, they are to be taken off as soon as he walks in, it excites me, I obey, I am happy with my naked body before him, I enjoy the fact I am available for his use and taken when he wishes.

The best part of it all is when he said he was very happy how open and comfortable I am with him, it pleases him.  How happy I was to hear him say this, is like he knew how hard it was for me before and he noticed the difference now.

He knows me so very well,  ehehe.

Once I was very bashful, and afraid to show my body, now it comes natural, I enjoy it and I feel comfortable with it, thanks to Him.

Sincerely Yours


missy louise said…
How sweet and nice to be so in love to totally give one self. He is yours and you are His. Very nice
AtiyaLuv said…
Mmmmmm thank you Missy louise, I appreciate those words, you are so awesome :)

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